Meet Segun Masha

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Who is Segun Masha?

Segun Masha is a gospel Preacher, a Business Consultant, a Certified Financial Instructor and Entrepreneur. A 1985 Biochemistry graduate of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, Masha also served in the Capital Markets & Investment Banking sector for several years.

Now, as an Entrepreneur and Strategic International Investment facilitator, Masha is poised to catalyze growth and development in the Social, economic and political arenas, especially in Africa his motivation is to serve in the social, economic, and political arenas is not a matter of seeking fame, money, or power. It is a matter of duty and responsibility to restore broken lives and desolate communities. 

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Segun Masha ‘s  4-Pronged Agenda for Africa

Poverty Alleviation

Every nation is endowed by God with adequate human and material resources. It is how you manage it,and who you assign to manage it that makes the difference.

Strategic Alliances

A man of conviction and judgement, Masha is on a mission to create mutually beneficial strategic alliances in various sectors, with the goal of economic growth in Africa.

Reforms & Good Governance

Promoting a formal and informal establishment and proper implementation of godly laws, ordinances, and norms.

A New Generation of Leaders

Raising a new generation of leaders who will be empowered to carry out their good intentions, programs, and fair and upright agendas.

As an advocate for good governance, Masha seeks to establish and implement changes for the purpose of bringing the world’s social, economic and political practices and systems of policies, laws, ordinances and norms to an ideal state to foster a Just + Equitable + Sustainable Society.


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