MFM MANNA WATER March Edition 6th of March 2019

prayer rain
(MANNA WATER March 2019 Edition )
Ministering: DR.D.K OLUKOYA
Bible Text: Matthew 3:11,Psalms 115 vs.16,Acts 2
Topic :Baptism By Fire There is baptism unto repentance,there is a baptism in water,there is a baptism of doorway to heaven and there is a baptism of fire. Many are are praying wrong prayers, the bible says seek first the kingdom of God and every other things shall be added to you,many of us are concentrating on other things instead of seeking God first, many are seeking the cat instead of the horse. When you seek the kingdom first you don’t to pray for wealth, career etc, but when you seek him first other things shall be added.When you have his kingdom his word will be powerful in your mouth. In the things of heaven,they face physical segment ‘The more you pray the more you discover, the more you discover the more you recover’.Make a quality decision i want to become terror by the time you leave this earth let the people of this world know that someone dangerous has departed.Painting of lips,wearing of trousers,weavons only make you a prey before the hands of the enemy If you go to hospital you will see how darkness has wasted many lives. A person can decide to die like a chicken. In the kingdom of darkness they have strategy room where it may take them 5 years to get him, they may have try him with food, money and later send jezebel woman to him or an herod to her. Many years ago this country was filled with darkness,the fire is still available. God is still waiting for those who he will empower,God has planned to do every things he wants to do on earth with man. Unavailability of power of God is due to unavailability of useable men and women.If 10 people that has been baptism by the baptism of fire are ready they are more powerful than 10 thousand of men without power. GOD need a fire burning christian;when the fire gets into your life;your life will change everything in this life become meaningless.God want you to decide i don’t want to continue like this, instead of me running away from them, i should be the one they are running from. In this country there was a time darkness full the land but later the white brought ‘Christianity’ gradually catholic came, baptist came, methodist etc still yet the darkness did not stop,witchcraft are practiced in the noon but God raise a great minister, ‘Pastor Ayodele Babalola’,God use him to shut and stop many powers and they return to where they came from. God is not looking for ability but availability,useable men and women are very scarce,if ten people who are baptised by fire gather together for prayer, there will be fire.He is looking for people who will carry useable resources. Peter was a person who was afraid and who doesn’t have confident in himself, but when he receive power according to Acts 2 he become bold.If you are bench warmer God only needs your sounding hallelujah among the congregation but He needs a fire burning christian. KEY POINT OF FIRE
  • Fire produces light
  • You must enticing your self with civilian things
  • You must forsake sin
  • The battle of you will not know how to get out, die
  • The battle of you shall die in this programme die
  • External enemies using internal enemies to fight me ,what are you waiting for, die
  • Power to die minute disappointment, die
  • Evil witchcraft airport in my life, catch fire
  • Every coven on my street,catch fire in Jesus name
  • Powers assigned to turn me upside down,oh! power of God arise and turn them upside down
  • Powers fashioned to make me to serve those who should serve me,be roasted
  • Wicked prayers of the enemy against my life turn against the enemy in Jesus name.

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