The Devil Hates Godly Marriage. [caption id="attachment_53895" align="aligncenter" width="515"]devil hates a godly marriage devil hates a godly marriage[/caption] Please, understand that the devil hates godly marriages. He’ll go any length to see them break down. And reason is quite simple. Every godly marriage points to, or speaks of, THE GREAT UNION – CHRIST (The Bridegroom) & THE CHURCH (The Bride). Ephesians 5:32.   He hates this with a passion. Having been thrown out of God’s presence after iniquity was found in Him. And would stop at nothing to get at every thing Godly, and those He (God) loves. That’s why it’s very important to approach it prayerfully. And not jump into it casually. He wants to see marriages disintegrate. He can’t stand seeing them restored. He desires and fights to see broken and dysfunctional homes. As this would result in dysfunctional societies. He fights it with all he’s got. But our Lord Jesus came to reconcile. To heal and mend broken hearts. To restore broken lives, destinies and Families. He further handed us that same ministry of reconciliation. 2 Corinthians 5:19. And if the Spirit of Christ dwells in you, you cannot but preach this same gospel. As this is THE GOSPEL! So to every broken home we speak healing. And as many as desire this, we pray the return of estranged husbands and wives. We declare Wayward children are saved. And Families are restored, in Jesus’ name. May the love of God (Agape) reign supreme. That which GIVES & FORGIVES. And may your union be anchored on mutual and unbroken Trust. May your latter years be sweeter the former. And your seed, mighty upon the earth. In Jesus’ name. Amen.   Nathaniel Bassey is a Nigerian gospel music singer. ]]>

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