Winners’ Chapel 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting : 7th – 27th January, 2019.

Here are the prayer points for Winners’ Chapel 21 days prayer and fasting exercise.

Week 1 : Winners Chapel Intercessory prayer guidelines for 2019 Prayer & Fasting.

[caption id="attachment_50872" align="aligncenter" width="342"]INTERCESSORY PRAYER GUIDELINES WINNERS CHAPEL INTERCESSORY PRAYER GUIDELINES WINNERS CHAPEL.[/caption]   Topic: Prepare to meet thy God, Amos 4:12, Genesis 12:1a man who suffered encounters of life became a testimony.  The best you can do in the Winners 21 days prayer fasting is to check your heart. Moses, Gideon Judges 6:12. Wediscover through scripture who had encounters
  1. we must purify our hearts 2 Chronicles 16:9the condition of the heart determine association with God the cleansing of the heart is a requirement. We cleanse thought the blood. 2 Timothy 2:19the foundation of the Lord stands sure! If we are to be qualified for encounters with him we have responsibility.
That’s why we must seat and ask what our hearts are up to, for you to encounter God you must search your heart, God looks at a man and searched his heart, God is a heart inspector until he sees a heart ready for him.
  1. We must sanctify ( separation) stay away from that which defiles, if you must have an encounter with God there is a requirement of sanctification 2 Corinthians 6:7, encountering God requires a life of separation. Exodus 19:8
  2. Follow peace with all men: one the enemy of man is contention Hebrews 12:14, 1 Corinthians 3:3the carnal mind is enmity with God. Don’t contend with them. Some men’s hearts are like prisons different compartment where they have caged others with contention. You have to let Go! Your heart is in your custody you have a choice to make. Follow peace with all men put aside any strife anger malice, don’t slow your walk with God
  3. Engage expectancy: Everyone’s encounter is at the mercy of his expectations. Your expectations determine your destination. Come before God knowing where you want him to visit you. It is the potency of your expectations that determine your experience with God. Expectations are like a magnet that attracts Gods attention for a transformation.
Document your expectations during the 21-day prayer and fasting and see how the lord will speedily answer you.

1.According to biblical prophecies, Churches like nations, that is, congregations filled with men and women of renown, shall continue to rise in these last days and I am one of them –Mic. 4:1-2/Zech. 8:20-23

2. Deliverers shall continue to arise from the Church in these last days, with authority to judge the throne of wickedness after the order of Elijah and I am one of them – Obad. 21/ Luke 9:1/1 Kgs 18:17-18/23-39

3. The dominion of the end time Church shall be domiciled in her explosive growth and I am partaker of the glory of this era – Isa. 2:1-3/ Jer. 30:19-21

4. There shall be the rise of an army of saviours, that is, rescue agents in all areas of human endeavours from the Church in these last days and I am one of them – Psa. 110:1-3/ Obd. 21

5. In these last days, the Church of Christ shall be commanding dominion as the light of the world indeed and I am one of them – Mat. 5:14

6. God shall be confirming in these last days, that the heavens do rule on the earth and I am a partaker of this prophetic agenda – Dan. 4:25-26/Dan. 7:27

7. In these last days, God shall be establishing the end time Church in dominion and no gang-up of hell can disannul it and I am a partaker of this prophetic verdict – Dan. 4:34-35/Isa. 14:24-27

Every Child of God is Redeemed to Walk in Dominion

8. By redemption, I am now seated in the heavenly places, far above all forces of oppression in life – Isa. 54:14/Eph. 1:20-21

9. As a child of light, I have been positioned to walk in dominion in this world of darkness –Eph. 5:8 Jn/1:5

10. As I walk in the light of the Word, dominion becomes my natural experience in the journey of life – Jn 12:35-36

11. As I feed on the Word, I continue to imbibe divine nature that establishes my dominion over all life’s situations and circumstances – 2 Per. 1:4

12. As I retain the love of God in my heart, I continue to dwell in God and God in me and that establishes my dominion in life – 1 Jn 4:16

13. As I continue to grow in my love for God and the affairs of His kingdom, my dominion becomes unquestionable in the journey of life – Eph. 3:17-19

14. From this year onward, no one shall ask me again, ‘where is your God?’ – Num. 23:23

15. Every spell holding down my marital destiny in any form turns to testimony this year –Psa. 68:6

16. God shall be turning every issue of shame and reproach in my life to testimonies of glory and honour this year – Zch 3:17-20

17. It shall be Dominion order of testimonies for me all through the year 2019 and beyond –Psa 66:3-5

18. Every gang up of hell against my glorious destiny in Christ, shall be crushed under my feet this year – Rom 16:20

19. All through the year 2019 and beyond, I shall be singing songs of Dominion – Isa. 51:11

We Are in The Era of The Manifold Wisdom of God Eph 3:1-11

20. There shall be a great outpouring of the Spirit of wisdom in these last days that will establish the dominion of the saints in all spheres of human endeavours through waves of discretion, innovation, creativity and witty inventions – Pro. 8:12/15-18/ Jer. 10:12

21. God shall be visiting the end-time Church with the Solomon order of wisdom, through which we shall begin to command global dominion and I am a partaker of this prophetic agenda – 1 Kgs. 4:29-35

22. The wisdom from above shall be in full manifestation in these last days, that shall establish the dominion of the Saints including my person – Eph. 3:8 11(Amp.)

23. Men and women shall be walking in the wisdom of God after the order of Joseph, which shall empower the saints to reign in life, including my person – Gen. 41:15-16/38-44/1 Cor 5:17

24. In these last days, the order of wisdom at work in Daniel shall be in manifestation in the lives of God’s people, including myself, thereby positioning us for dominion on the earth –Dan. 2:30/46/Dan. 6:1-3

25. There shall be a manifestation of the Spirit of wisdom among God’s people in these last days that will cause many to wonder at us – Mat. 13:54/Jn 17:18

26. In these last days, there shall be a great outpouring of the Spirit of wisdom upon the body of Christ, the kind that the eyes have not seen, nor the ears heard, thereby establishing our dominion on the earth – 1 Cor. 2:6-9

We Are in The Era of Exploits

27. Doing what God commands with delight is my highway to a world of exploits in life –Deut. 28.1-12/Gen. 26:1-14

28. The end-time is ordained the era of the rise of giants in the in the body of Christ and I am one of them – Mic. 4:1-2

29. In these last days, believers shall be ruling in the midst of their enemies in dimensions never known before in history and I am one of them – Dan. 7:27

30. In these last days, every name that matters on the earth shall be located in the Church and I am one of them – Psa. 87:1-7

31. In these end-times, the exploits of the Church will humble strong nations of the earth and I am one of them Zch. 8:20

32. In these last days, men and women like nations shall begin to emerge from the Church in their numbers and I am one of them – Isa. 60:1-3/22

33. There shall be the rise of an army of reformers in the Church in these end-times and I am one of them – Isa. 61:1-2/4-7

The End-time is the Era of Financial Dominion for The Church

34. God has ordained supernatural wealth for the end time Church through which the latter house shall be greater than the former – Hag. 2:3-9/Zch. 1:17

35. Walking in the covenant of financial prosperity is the only way to be entrusted with the supernatural order of wealth in these last days – Deut. 8:18

36. As I continue to sow seeds towards the promotion of the kingdom, God shall continue to enlarge my financial coast supernaturally – Mat. 24:14/Hag. 1:5-13

37. As I continue to worship the Lord with my tithe, the windows of heaven with a supernaturaloutpouring of blessings shall continue to open wide in my direction – Mal. 3:6-11

38. As the earth keeps burning as an oven, as a covenant practitioner, I shall continue to break forth on every side – Mal. 3:17-18/Mal. 4:1-2

39. As famine continues to hit hard on the dwellers of the earth, as a covenant practitioner, I shall continue to grow in affluence – Gen. 37:15-27

40. In these last days, unusual giving-grace shall be released upon every willing child of God that will result in the rise of many financial giants in the body of Christ, including my person – 2 Cor. 8:1-12/2 Cor. 9:6-8

The Era of Dominion Over Sickness and Disease Is Here – Jer. 30:17

41. Because the prize for my total health has been fully paid, my dominion over sickness and disease is established by heaven’s verdict – 1 Cor. 6:20/Mat 8:17

42. Sicknesses and diseases are mostly direct oppression of the devil and I have been redeemed to be far from oppression, therefore, sickness and diseases shall no more have dominion over me – Isa. 54:14/ Eph. 1:6/Eph. 1:20-21

43. Through redemption, God has restored health unto me and healed me of all my wounds –Isa. 30:17/1 Pet. 1:24

44. By redemption, Christ has taken my place in sicknesses and diseases once and for all, my dominion over sickness and disease is unquestionable – Isa. 53:1- 3/Mat. 8:16-17

45. As I continue to serve God in truth, He has vowed to take sickness and disease from me all through life – Exo. 15:26/Exo. 23:25-26

We Are in The Era of Dominion Over Death

46. Jesus the resurrection and the life lives in me, therefore, death has no more dominion over my life – Col. 1:27/Phi. 1:25-27

47. By redemption, I am finally free from the fear of death from this time onward – Heb. 2:14-15/Rom. 8:15.

48. From this time onward, no one dies young in my family – Isa. 65:20-24

49. Death has been swallowed up on my behalf through the death and resurrection of Christ, therefore my dominion over death is established -1 Cor. 15:55-57

50. Every appointment with death is cancelled on my life and members of my family – Psa. 102:19-20

Jesus is Lord! David O. Oyedepo

Week 2: Winners Chapel Intercessory prayer guidelines for 2019 Prayer & Fasting.

Week 3: Winners Chapel Intercessory prayer guidelines for 2019 Prayer & Fasting.

Jesus is Lord!

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