RCCG JANUARY 2019 HOLY COMMUNION SERVICE: SWIMMING IN GLORY TEXT: 1KINGS 19:4-8 Alpha, Omega, You are worthy of my praises… Father, as we have come to dine with You, let this meal be a destiny changing meal. Every man will be in a valley at one time in life. 1 Kings 19:8 And he arose, and did eat and drink, and went in the strength of that meat forty days and forty nights unto Horeb the mount of God. As you eat tonight you will receive strength for the journey ahead. Beginning from thismoment, you will begin to climb By the meal of tonight, you will get strength for the journey ahead. When Elijah get to Horeb He heard the voice of God 1 Kings 19:6, Psalms 107:20God will send his word to you. This year the wind of Holyspirit will blow for you, Almighty God will create a way for you. Exodus 14 :21 – 28 Act 16 :25 The earth will shake for you. Act 2 :1-4 Before we leave here tonight, the fire will burn for you. 1king 19 :15 – 18 Get ready for divine guidance. Elijah ate meal from God and heard the voice of God, wind blew, earth quaked, fire fell and he got divine direction from God. As you partake of tonight’s meal you will get divine guidance. When you eat the bread, pray that the Almighty God will give you strength for the rest of your life. Father, give me strength for the rest of my journey. As you drink the wine, pray Father, let the fire fall for me afresh tonight and give me power to reach the mountain top so I can hear your voice more clearly. Let the fire fall for me Oh Lord. Let me get clear direction from you, guide me, … The Almighty God will give you strength for the journey. He will give you power to reach the mountain top. This year you will hear clearly from God. The wind of God will create ways for you where there were no way. The earthquake of God will force open every prison doors in your life. The fire of God will fall for you and give you power. God will guide you every step of the way. So shall it be. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed Amen Let someone shout HALLELUJAH!]]>

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