RCCG Holy Ghost Service 2019. [caption id="attachment_52656" align="aligncenter" width="482"]RCCG 2018 Holy Ghost Service RCCG Holy Ghost Service[/caption] The RCCG Holy ghost service 2019 is a monthly prayer meeting of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. It is a night or worship, prayer and word. The RCCG Holy ghost service regularly holds every first Friday of new month at the RCCG Redemption Camp, Kilo-meter 46, Lagos-Ibadan Express Way, Ogun State. The RCCG Holy Ghost Service entails prayer sessions, praise, worship and listening to the word of God. Worshipers all over the word who want to experience the power of the Holy Ghost through the Holy Ghost service now have access to join the programme live streaming from the RCCG redemption camp. When Does The RCCH Holy Ghost Service Start? The 2019 RCCG Holy Ghost Service starts by 8:00 pm Nigerian time.  The events is scheduled to begin with an opening prayer, praise and worship session, special word/ministration, RCCG choir ministration os simply put special number, Pastor Kunle Ajayi special ministration, Pastor EA Adeboye sermon, testimonies & prayers ….to list few. SEE: RCCG Holy Ghost Service February 2019 Over time, the RCCG holy ghost service has been a place of change of stories with many testimonies of life transforming encounters and this is not changing anytime soon! If you are ready for God’s visitation or desire a change of story, I strongly recommend the RCCG Holy Ghost service for you. It is just one Friday! One Friday night to change your life completely. Are you far away from the RCCG redemption camp or someway wouldn’t be able to make it to the RCCG Holy Ghost service?   Do not worry. You can be a significant part of the RCCG Holy Ghost service by watching the event live online via you computer, smartphone or cable tv. Follow the steps below. How To Watch RCCG Holy Ghost service Live online. You can watch the RCCG Holy Ghost service live online through your mobile phone, tablet pc o computer. To do so. Just click on the link below. You can watch the Holy Ghost Night Live online by clicking the link below.


Also, you can watch the RCCG Holy Ghost service on cable TV. If you are Nigeria, you can watch the RCCG Holy ghost service live via the Dove Tv channel. To: Watch RCCG Holy ghost service on GOTv – tune in to channel Watch RCCG Holy ghost service on StartimesWatch RCCG Holy ghost service on DSTV Other network? Please tune in to DOVE TV channel on your decoder to watch the RCCG live event.   Please click here for more details on the RCCG Holy Ghost Service   Click here to watch the Holy ghost congress live online. RELATED SEARCHES.    ]]>

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