THE General Superintendent of Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor William Kumuyi, Saturday, maintained that the church will not be handed over to ‘rascals’ who are not portraying the image of Christ in their character. Kumuyi made the declaration via a satellite broadcast from headquarters of the church in Lagos, while teaching on the topic, ‘Fear Not: The Promise Is Still Good’ during the Faith Clinic session at the ongoing Deeper Life National December Retreat, holding at the Deeper Life Conference Centre (DLCC), which started on Friday, December 21 and ends December 25. He said the church will not condone any form of rascality and rebellion because the word of God never encourages that and is a strange behaviour capable of taking one to hell fire. He said: “We are not going to hand the church over to rascals, over to rebellious people that want to scatter everything that is good that the Lord is doing. If you have a neighbour or if you have a friend who is a rascal who just want to prove that he is not here to hear the Word of God or to obey the Word of God. He wants to be rascally in the house of God, talk to them. “And if you are like that, if you don’t want salvation, you don’t want to go to heaven, we can release you to go back home. And those who want to serve the Lord, we are going to remain here.” Meanwhile, the clergy charged participants on the need to be obedient to leadership of the church, stressing that it is the only way to heaven. “We are going to have a church that is obedient to leadership and every member of the church , every worker of the church will be obedient. Why? Because that is the only way to heaven. And we will take you to heaven. Thank God you will be there. “All through this retreat, I want to let you know, if I preach the Word of God and other ministers preach the Word of God and we don’t obey, I will come back exactly to that same Word of God and keep on saying the same thing, emphasizing the same thing until you understand holiness, righteousness and obedience is the number one requirement in the house of God”, he said]]>

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