THESE ARE FACTS YOU MIGHT NEVER GET TO HEAR FROM ANYONE ABOUT DEEPER LIFE BIBLE CHURCH. [caption id="attachment_53067" align="alignnone" width="1280"]Deeper Life Doctrine Deeper Life Doctrine[/caption] While you are enjoying your “after Service” hour. I have decided to publish this article about some changes or established facts about the Deeper Life Bible Church. This is published as shared to  a popular Nigerian forum, Nairaland. Read and tell me what you think. I have known Deeper Life Bible Church, and it is over twenty years. Tho I don’t often attend church services that much due to hustle on Sunday, but I have some Facts to make known to make. Do you want to hear things that people won’t tell you about deeper life bible church? Sit tight and listen. Pastor W.F. Kumuyi has corrected some of his mistakes in the past as regards doctrine In a bid to maintain strict discipline during the early days of the church, a lot of strict doctrines were introduced. These doctrines didn’t come with consequences like people portrayed, but were just preventive measures to some common sins. The television was banned, not because it was bad, but because it would give room for the devil to corrupt the mind. “If your right hand causes you to stumble, cut it off, and throw it away from you.” Matthew 5: 30. Right now the Television is now used to transmit the pastor’s message all over the world. He realized that God gave humans the spirit of “FREE WILL” and he urged members to make use of it the right way. Pastor Kumuyi doesn’t have a personal Bank Account It might interest you to know that the General Overseer of Deeper Life Bible Church does not have his own personal bank account. He is under the church budget, and likewise other full-time pastors. He feeding, dressing, logistics is budgeted monthly by the church. He has no personal property, investments, and all he has is owned by the church. One of the Criteria to become a full-time pastor is age If you haven’t reached the age to retire from active government service, you can never become a full-time pastor in Deeper Life Bible church. Full-time pastors serve as State Coordinators, Regional Overseers, and of cause the General Overseer. Other positions are occupied by pastors who are still working and are not under the church financial budget. Several Church Laws have been abolished by the General Overseer In his recent messages, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi has preached against the enforcement of church laws that have no root in the Bible. Popular examples remain the Turban being worn in the church, the financial capabilities of a man before he gets married, and many other relating to technological advancements. In many of his recent messages, he has preached against church leaders enforcing laws on members that would force them to drop their faith. His main focus was on the marriage committee of the church. Holiness and Salvation is preached every Sunday If you aren’t comfortable with someone preaching to you about Holiness, Salvation, Repentance, Restitution every Sunday, then don’t bother coming to church. That is the foundation of the church doctrine, and it will never change. Deeper Life doesn’t sing and dance on Sundays because… If you have been wondering why the church service on Sundays doesn’t come with dancing and singing, the answer is simple. “It will weaken the body; make people fall asleep and tired when the real message about going to heaven is about being preached. We have a day to praise God for singing and praises, and that is during the Thursday revival service” Pastor W.F. Kumuyi explaining to BBC World. Financial Prosperity is never the Topic of any Message No pastor would come up the pulpit to preach about financial prosperity as a Sunday Message. The church focuses on “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and every other thing shall be added unto you” Tithes and offering are collected and sent to the headquarters Once it gets to the Church headquarters, it is redistributed to various states for the maintenance of churches in the state. If any Church project needs to be carried out, the amount is split according to the capability of members of the churches inside the same country. No matter how long it takes to get the donations, the church will never seek donations from outside the church. That was the reason it took the church 5 years to complete the headquarters at Gbagada. Finally, Laying of hands is not allowed in the Church Pastors pray from their pulpit and miracle happens. “It doesn’t matter if you are close or not to a sick person. God is still in the habit of answering the prayers of the righteous” Pastor W.F. Kumuyi.       Now that you have read through, what have ye to say about it? Please comment below and share to any social media site of your choice  ]]>

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