Unveiling The Dominion Power of Diligence – Bishop Abioye : Shiloh 2018 Message

[caption id="attachment_53000" align="aligncenter" width="448"]Unveiling the dominion power of diligence Unveiling the dominion power of diligence[/caption]
If you don’t want to end as indigent be diligent Prov 12:24. Your hand defines your position in life.
It defines your class. If you are slothful you miss your slot. We don’t lack opportunity. Everybody has opportunities.
Their is no pride in being under. Your hand defines your class. Diligence don’t suffer discrimination.
Pro22/ 29. 1 Sam 18:4. If you are diligent, you can predict your future.
What makes people in life is not the certificate they obtain in school. 
Certificate will not put food on your table. Prov 14:23 The profit of life is ties to your labour.
It is a dirty hand that will handle fork and knife well at the night time.
What is on your table is defined by what you do with your hand. If you don’t want to end as rubbish don’t be sluggish. A diligent man settles with his work and his work will settle him later. It is not your look that makes you, it is your work. Prov 22:29
Diligence is ladder to dominion (leadership).
Today we live in a very lazy generation where people don’t want to work but have worth. 
Prov 6:9-11 If you sleep you will end as slippers & people will use you to move around.
Diligence is the passage to authority.  It terminates slavery.
People naturally admires worker. Gen 39:5.
Diligent people are ever eager and exited to work. They don’t reject any assignment. They start from somewhere. Ecclesiastics  9:10. They don’t find what to do they have things to do.
Diligent people are not choosy people. That start from where they are. As God’s children we are the gene of diligence in us. God is a worker. Gen 2:8/15. John 5:17. Phil. 2:13 Even with God there is no free food. 
Dress your work and your work will dress you. God arranged it for Adam, Work Before food After that marriage. Gen 2:18.
Your wife respects you when you are hard working. Let’s wake up and change the faces.
Through diligence, you don’t need any support anywhere. John 9:4.
Get you stomach empty with work so that when you are eating you do so with satisfaction. Luke 2:49   & Luke 4:43
You can not give expression to your potential and the grace of God upon you sitting down.
Jesus drew up his disciples among workers. Acts2:49.
You can’t be diligent and be abandoned by God. 
Church is not a place for bunch of lazy people. You can’t hide under church and be lazy. 1 Thessalonians 4:12.
If you are diligent person you have signed your life out of lack.  2 Thessalonians  3:10.
If you are given food to a lazy man. You are destroying him without knowing.
Ephesians 2v28.
Labour with your hand.
Grace and faith are not substitute to work but compliment
1cir 15:10 james2:18

What is Diligence? 

Diligence is hard work.
Releasing your energy into your work. Working hard is key to flying high.
Only hard workers will end as high Fliers in their field of endeavor.
Gen 13:2
2.Diligence is be a tireless worker. Genesis 26:29. You never give up but taking time to work
3. It means to be a creative worker. To be innovative in your work. Identifying a better way to improve your work.  Gen30:37.
Creative work will convert wealth sand position for you. 

How do we improve our creative ? 

Be versatile. You need to be versatile in order to improve. Part of diligence is learning. The. Pre you learn the more you discover. Diligence brought us to we are today.

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