The Experience 2018 Everything You Need To Know The Experience 2018 is finally here. We have all the details you need to know about this year largest gospel concert organized by the House on The Rock. Here, you will find the details on the list of guest artistes, performers, time of the event, venue and lots more. [caption id="attachment_52995" align="aligncenter" width="600"]The Experience 2018 The Experience 13[/caption] The musical concert, Experience 2018, #TE13, will take place on Friday, the 7th of December, 2018 and is organised by House on the Rock. The unusual gospel concert is totally free!

Experience Lagos 2018Time, Venue

According to the House on the Rock, the 2018 edition of the Experience will take place at the Tafawa Balewa Square in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital from The Senior Pastor of House on the Rock, Paul Adefarasin said the theme of the event is “Jesus, Our Peace” with 500,000 in attendance and millions said to be watching online. “Peace (as I know it) is not the absence of tension but the presence of Justice,” Adefarasin added. [caption id="attachment_52996" align="alignnone" width="689"]#te13 The Experience 13[/caption]

Experience Lagos 2018 Artistes and Performers

The Experience 13 will feature list of top gospel artistes across the world. The list of some of the featured music ministers for the 2018 edition of The Experience are :

The Experience and Nigeria

Aside from being a first class musical event and acclaimed to be the largest gospel event in Africa and probably in the world,The Experience tells the story of Nigeria and the possibilities that can be attained if we focus on a common purpose. Hosting a first class event in a third world country or a developing nation is indeed a great stride.It started as a thought inspired by God in the mind of a man and had since grown to host the tenth edition with unparalleled professionalism, hospitality, security, excellence, unity and most importantly an altar for believers to worship their creator. Gathered at The Experience were Nigerians of different ages, works of life ,ethnic groups,denominations, everyone responding to their maker with varied expressions of worship, heaven indeed touched the earth. To draw the parallel with our great nation Nigeria that today appears to be stained with corruption ,failing infrastructure, dwindling economy and poor governance, the future seem so bleak that every flicker of hope is soon quenched by negativity. God has a great Nigeria planned for us and is sending his thoughts our way in various capacities. Some people are called to the market place , others to the government, education, health sector, public sector, entertainment and hospitality. Together we can work our dream, believe tenaciously and work vigorously till we see our thoughts materialise to reality and grow continually. Our responsibility is to identify what our individual purpose is, if inspired by God, can change the course of a man’s life and indeed this nation. As God’s grace demonstrated through divine providence of varied talents, capacities, gifting, skills and enablement has helped us holdThe Experience for the tenth time, we mirror the same for our dream Nigeria. We are all part of the big dream,our little corners and world of influence are platforms to launch this nation to be a desired country in the world. As we invited God to our space through our worship and we continually do, He will do with us ,for us and through us exceeding great things for the glorious future of our nation.

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