SHILOH 2018 FIRST MESSAGE by Dr. David O. Oyedepo.

Shiloh 2018 Day One Message by Bishop Oyedepo

Heralding The Dominion Era of The Church.

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What is Dominion? The authority that enthrones us is from heaven Philippians 3:20 Every child of God is a citizen of heaven. Our mission is to have dominion over the earth. Roman 5:17, Daniel 7:27 The church of the last day is ordained to have dominion on the earth Ecclesiastics 3:11. The current church generation is not smarter than those before her. We ( church) are not smarter than those before us. We are just called at this great time of dominion. At this point, God’s kindness has brought all the beauty to the church in His time. This is to let you know that we are in the last day. The end time church is ordained. Everyone must be sensitive to God’s timing. You are in  the last day of your enthronement. God has established the dominion of the church in this last day. Psalm 87:2-7 Whatever you can’t say boldly, you don’t believe Isaiah 14:4, Isaiah 59:14, 1 Timothy 3:16 Dominating Your World Dominion begins with you dominating the issues of your life. One must dominate before he can dominate his world Obadiah 17. To dominate your life, you must STOP CONSIDERING OTHERS’ OPINION. Take control of your life. You can never dominate what you don’t despise. You can never dominate what you won’t despise  Matthew 28:!8. How To Walk In Dominion The devil has no power left in him. Romans 13:11. Psalm 34:2. Anything you add to Jesus will frustrate your life. Absolute dependency on Jesus is what you need.
I don’t share any booties from any government in my life. I have a clear conscience. But I am blessed. Can  I tell you something? I am rich. I am dangerously rich. The siege of poverty is broken in your life.
Anything you add to Jesus will frustrate your life. Also note that their is NO CLOSED CASE WITH GOD. The foundation of your dominion is Jesus.   At this point, if you are yet to give your life to Christ. You will never dominate but be dominated by miseries.  
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SHILOH 2017 FIRST MESSAGE by Dr. David O. Oyedepo.

1Sam.3:21 Moses never needed to write down the burning bush experience and so shall your own experience be today in Jesus name! Amen! On Shiloh grounds God will be turning your mourning into dancing. For your shame you will receive glory. By redemption we are members of the household of God- the household of the justified. Prov 4:18. Eph2:19. Romans6:4. Isaiah 43:18-19. God us constantly out to do a new thing. Lamentations 3:23. Therefore, your life will never lack new things anymore in the name if Jesus. John 3:8. Isaiah 28:21. We are strange citizens of the earth. We belong to Isaiah 8:18 (strange class of men). We are redeemed into a world if strange works and strange acts. [nextpage title=”2″ ] shiloh 2017 live No body will have any reason to pity you anymore in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Acts 28:22. Isaiah 28:22. We are in A family where new doors of favour opens to us continually. Rev. 3:7. Isaiah 45:1-3. Where we continually experience from strength to strength. 2Cor 3:18. 1Cor. 2:9. A family where we experience renewal if strength continually. Psalms 65:9. Luke 13:8. Rev. 22:2. Therefore no more empty lifestyle for us in Jesus name. Psalms 68:19. Psalms 23:6, lamentations 3:23. Beginning from today your life will never be the same again. This new Dawn family us a family where every day us Christmas! Psalms 23:6. The days if your mourning, weeping, uncertain things are over! The new birth is the access into this family of a new dawn. Jn. 3:3. Genesis 13:15. It is not enough to be saved but one must remain in the faith. Philippians 2:12. It is not enough to be connected to Christ but we must remain connected to make the most if our redemption. Acts 10:34. Thus Shiloh must settle all the ups and downs if your life. It is important to receive grace for continuity in the walk with God. UNLOCKING YOUR NEW DAWN HERITAGE IN CHRIST. ISAIAH 42:9 JOHN 1:12. You have to receive him and believe him for Him to produce proofs in your life. Luke 10:1,7. Every word you catch at Shiloh becomes a fierce force against all manner of hellish approach against you. Remember, Hebrews 1:3. HOW DO I POSITION FOR AN ENCOUNTER WITH THE WORD OF GOD. A. Be born again. Ensure that your salvation us not appropriated. Mark 4:11. B. Be desperate for an encounter into a world if new thing with Jesus. Luke 19:1-10. Everything in the kingdom delivers on our crave. Be desperate for an encounter with the word of God that will change you. When you receive and believe it you will become it. Isaiah 9:8. C. Be spiritual. Revelation 41. You have to come out of the flesh. Rev 1:10. Only men if the spirit can hook up with God. D. Be sensitive! 2 kings 2:10. Be sensitive. Every moment in thus season and gathering is important. E. Maintain a quiet spirit. 1Kings 19:11-13. Only men of quiet spirit catches His still small voice. 1Peter 3:4. Discipline your communication s. E. Be joyful. Isaiah 12:3. Psalms 89:15. Philippians 4:4. 1Thesalonian 5:14. 2Cor. 12:7. Luke 10:21. No more complaining. The end has come finally to your sorrows! F. Walk in the fear of God. Psalms 25:14. Job 1:1. Job 29:4. Every word of encounter makes a star. Job 29:12-13. Job 1:3. The fear of God! Joseph said …’but I fear God’. The fear of God gives us unlimited access into the deep things of God. Tonight, 2Peter 1:3. All things are accessible through revelations. He has given us all things… Every oppression of the devil on any area of your life will become history tonight. Genesis 13:15. Romans 3:4. Isaiah 53:4-5. 1Peter 2:24. Now, on the authority of God’s word your health is settled tonight. Colossians 1:13. The devil has no legal right on you any more. You have changed your grounds from their reach the moment you got saved. Witches, wizards and occultic powers have no access to where you nd I belong. Ephesians 2:6/ Ephesians 1:21. Where you are seated now is far above their domain. The domain if the wicked is far below where you are seated therefore they have no more dominion over your life. Let there be a light in you henceforth to lighten your path inwardly in Jesus name. John 8:32. The entrance of the word which produces life lightens you up. Psalms 119:130. If you will receive and believe this Word of God you definitely will be transformed into glorious realms. The devil only takes advantage of our ignorance to hurt us. There as people who cast out devils and there are people who torments the devils. As far as your eyes can see will I give you saith the Lord of host. The goodness tonight is this: you are been baptised into this new dawn family; therefore new things from heaven will never cease again. 7x. Isaiah 54:14. There is no power of the devil anywhere. The devil is a trickster, a manipulator. But Jesus knocked him out. Luke 10:19 validates it. Zechariah 1:21. But you are now seated far above the dominion of the wicked. Your God us turning your mourning into dancing. From henceforth your oath shall be shinning brighter and brighter, from glory to glory, strength to strenght. Enough is enough, devil, in the name of Jesus Christ if Nazareth loose your grip over all around me and my contacts. Any one assigned to death is set free right now in the name if Jesus Christ if Nazareth. Hebrews 2:14-15. (The devil used to have the power if death but Jesus now have it) Therefore I rebuke every activity of death around any one family here in the name if Jesus. Any one member if thus family under the siege if death, I decree their instant rescue. So, you are free from any satanic oppression. Beginning from today you are singing a new song! Amen. My confidence is in the God that sent me! As God’s undertaker to stop your tears and sorrow, I declare tonight your night of liberty! Like 22:53. Satan operates in darkness but because you are now in the kingdom of light the darkness has flown away. The light of your freedom has come therefore, your frustration is over. I don’t know what you came here with, but whatever negative verdict it is called is no more in the name of Jesus Christ if Nazareth. [/nextpage]  ]]>

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