“I Am Dangerously Rich” – Bishop Oyedepo Boasts in The Lord At Shiloh 2018 Yea! You read that right! ” I am dangerously rich” In the spirit of Dominion, Bishop David Oyedepo, the president of the living Faith Chruch worldwide, while teaching at the Shiloh 2018 opening night ( Encounter Night) said the commission since inception has never relied on any government of the world and will not do so till Jesus comes. In his message titled ” Heralding The Dominion Era” The Bishop advises christians to take charge of their lives and have absolute dependency on God. Please see the full teaching by Bishop Oyedepo at the ongoing Shiloh 2018 here. To what brought us here, Papa, said:

I don’t share any booties from any government in my life. I have a clear conscience. But I am blessed. Can  I tell you something? I am rich. I am dangerously rich. The siege of poverty is broken in your life.
If you believe that, say AMEN! Shiloh 2018 continues today. Join the winners’ family live. CLICK HERE FOR SHILOH 2018 UPDATES]]>

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