SHILOH THEMES TO DATE Shiloh, the annual ‘convocation’ of Winners which was drawn from the book of Joshua 18:1-3, will hold between December 4 and 9, 2018. The 2018 edition is the 20th Shiloh since inception. Check the themes of all the past Shiloh below. 1999: Encounter with Destiny 2000: Heaven on Earth 2001: From glory to Glory 2002: What Wisdom is This 2003: All things are Possible 2004: Showers of Blessings 2005: Possessing your Possessions. 2006: Destined to Win 2007: More than Conquerors 2008: Manifestation of The Sons of God 2009: Hour of Restoration 2010: Breakthroughs Unlimited 2011: Waves of Glory 2012: Double Portion 2013: Exceeding Grace 2014: Heaven on Earth 2015: From glory to Glory 2016: My Case is Different 2017: My New Dawn 2018: DOMINION]]>

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