3 Factors To Consider To Help You Achieve Your Goals.

Everyone has an assignment and special instructions attached to it. In running your destiny errand, you sure be ready to leave some “important” people behind. Who are they? Why do you have to? What should be your focus?.
She paced to close up with me. Then she asked: “Sir, is a petrol station along this way? My mummy sent me to buy petrol…”. After a brief interaction with her, I realised that all she needed was a pointer to where she was heading because she had a clue – she had seen her mum go in that direction to buy premium motor spirit (petrol). I pointed in the direction of the fuel station and briefly guided her… She was grateful for my assistance, and courteously said to me: ” my mummy said I should run”. Then she paced past me. It was clear that the volume of her mother’s instruction rang in her ear, louder than the sentiments of walking along the one who had given her the needed pointer.
This is the gist. There are mandates that you cannot fulfill in life, while holding to the skirt of sentiments. There is a pace you cannot move with if you allow undue sentiments. Some people who pointed the way to you may have to be left behind because of the urgency of your assignment… You owe them gratitude, no doubt. It is true that the story of your life cannot be said to be completely rendered without acknowledging their inputs. But when it comes to fulfilling destiny, the Voice of the the One who has sent you must ring much louder that other considerations! The urgency of His instructions must be your drive and core point of alignment! Nobody would ever fulfill divine mandate, while still tied to the wheels of sentiments. Nobody! Having romance with sentiments would leave a person that has been sent in deep regrets, at the end of the day! Respect people. Honour them. But obey God! Do you know the interesting thing? On her way back, after getting the fuel, she gave me a glowing “thank you”, with a broad smile. She was fulfilled. She meant no disrespect or shallow gratitude when she needed to leave me behind. Not at all. Come to think about it. We were both on errands to our destinations. We both got what we were required to… But the urgency of each person’s assignment varied. Do not always expect people you pointed the way to, to always stay with you. Your assignment may have just ended with just pointing and guiding them to the place. Do not be unduly attached to someone who showed you the direction to a major point in your assignment, especially when you have an instruction from your Sender to move quickly!
This post has been published with permission of the writer: JOHN AIYEDUN.
About The Author.Pastor John Aiyedun This series is written by Pastor John Aiyedun, the senior pastor and founderĀ  of the Oil of Joy Tabernacle, Ilorin Nigeria.He is married to the wife of his dream and blessed with children. The Word Feast is a popular monthly publication by John Aiyedun via Facebook and other social media. Follow JOHN Aiyedun on Facebook Here

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