Evidence About The Healing Power of Jesus – Testimony of Healed Cancer Patient. I could have captioned this “Woman diagnosed with cancer healed after personal encounter with God” or “How I got my healing by Faith” but I am so dazed and don’t know the exact topic to choose but the title that brought you here. What you are going to read here is a testimony of Kabad Jumoke Ima, a woman who was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer & given six months to live or say die. Kabad refused to give up on herself. She summoned courage amidst this storm & something unusual happened. Read her testimony word for word. Woman diagnosed with cancer healed after personal encounter with God

Woman diagnosed with cancer healed after personal encounter with God – The Testimony of Kabad Jumoke Ima.

  I really am doing this with my heart in my throat. But it is important that I do this if it will save one life. In February of 2014, I went to Dubai on a routine checkup due to a 10 year old abdominal pain which was diagnosed ulcer. CT scans revealed it was a Tumor in the pancreas and could be removed. Unknown to my husband and I, this was a life threatening surgery with a 2% survival rate. The surgery was successful and then few weeks later the news came….. I had stage 2b pancreatic cancer. I needed to do 6 months chemo and radiation that would give me a chance to live a quality life for 1 year. Without the chemo I was given 7 months to die. We were devastated. I cried, prayed, had a pity party all by myself and sometimes with hubby and Adiaha. I asked questions from God. And then began my journey to divine inexplainable healing. I went to Fox Chase Cancer center in America where I was given worse news. It was Pancreatic cancer and it kills 6 months after diagnosis. Also there was a Tumor in the liver. My husband and immediate family wanted me to do the 6 month chemo/radiation. I knew God told me I did not need it. I started taking holy communion. I also listened to EVERY healing teaching on the Internet. I recited healing scriptures aloud and under my breath. I understood JESUS had borne this same disease in his body. I did not need to go through this again. I realised if I died, it was not pancreatic cancer that killed me; it was ignorance. I need to stop here and say I was not strong in faith and in the word but I took Gods word at face value. I listened to all the series of “is there no balm in Gilead” by Bishop Oyedepo and Abioye. I listened to Andrew Wommark and his teachings on healing. I listened to Joseph Prince s teachings on healing. I was listening to the word awake or asleep. My darling husband (God bless his soul) was ready to sell all he had to keep me alive; he became a pastor praying with me for 1 hour at times. Tomike Ogunleye emptied her meagre savings to be with me in Dubai and America during this ordeal. She sent word after word after word to me. Peju Owodunni-Hungbeme left her sweetheart to be with me in Dubai. My two prayer partners who have been prayer friends for decades put what the Lord taught us over the years to good use. I am alive 16 months after. Alive,well, throbbing with vibrant life. I am proof that Jesus is alive and real. He heals He saves He prospers. I have done 3 long business trips after their diagnosis. I was told I would be in a wheelchair by November. But am on high heels. No matter what they told u……. They lied. You can beat any sickness and disease by Gods word and by His son s blood. I am alive I am healed JESUS takes alllll the glory again. A big thank you to my lovely hubby- Iniobong Ekong, my wombmates Tomike and Pjay, S Olukayode, Irene Audrey, Rita, my daughter in the faith Tonia Erinle, Oyinade Tomori (my momma), my family in US Hakeem, Temi, Abdul( who trusted my faith), my Pastor Akin Leonard and his beautiful wife, the Surehouse family and my 3 beautiful daughters. I did not do the chemo, and took No medication. I am healed by His word. I have done two tests in the same hospital. The cancer reading is normal and the ct scans reveal nothing. They told me next time we see u u will be in a wheelchair. Am seeing him this summer in high heels. In my trying moments I met a loooooot of false fake christians who tried to show me pity and advised me not to share my testimony. I avoided them like cancer and discussed nothing with them. My Yeshua heals. Share to bless 1 soul. P.S : cannot mention everyone who touched me but I appreciate and love u all.
This testimony has taught me just 3 things: (1) The healing power of Faith in Christ. (2) Finding personal peace amidst turbulence (3) Jesus still heals, even in today. No matter what you are going through. Just believe in God for rescue. Occupy yourself with spiritual books and material tailored to that situation. Jesus heals!]]>

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