2018 RCCG Annual Convention. The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) begins her 2018 Annual Convention Monday 6th till Sunday 12th August, 2018. The theme for the 2018 RCCG annual convention is “Dominion”. The RCCG 2018 annual convention is one of the major christian conference in Nigeria and Africa at large. The 2018 RCCG convention as usual will feature prayer, words, music and impartation sessions. In view of the 2018 RCCG convention, the church yesterday, started the ordination of deacons and deaconesses.

2018 RCCG Convention – Order of Events

The following is the order of events for the 2018 RCCG annual convention. From Monday , 6th August, the Minister Conference will commence and run till Wednesday, 8th August, 2018. The Minister conference is special programme organised for the spiritual leaders and ordained members of the Redeemed church members. The main convention, the RCCG 2018 annual convention ; the 66th edition will commence immediate after the Minister conference from Thursday 9th to Sunday 12th August,2018. Please note that the RCCG will not hold any Holy Ghost Congress for the month of August due to the 2018 annual convention. The Holy Ghost Congress is expected to continue from September,2018. The 2018 RCCG annual convention will be streamed live online. Interested worshipers all over the world can be part of this spiritual events by worship live online either via smartphone,tablet or pc. To watch the RCCG annual convention 2018 online please click the button below for details. [maxbutton id=”1″ text=”WATCH RCCG 2018 CONVENTION ONLINE” url=”http://ivoryfile.com/rccg-convention-livestream”] Also, the RCCG 2018 annual convention will be transmitted live on cable tv via the RCCG television station, Dove TV. People with major cable tv can also have access to the event.

RCCG Undiluted Worship 2.0

The RCCG Undiluted Worship concert also holds tonight to celebrate the faithfulness of God via praise and worship songs.   The Undiluted Worship 2.0 will hold tonight by 9:00 (Nigerian time) at the RCCG National Headquarters located at Redemption Way, Ebute Metta, Lagos.  ]]>

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