When would our so called Christians desist from further dividing the body of Christ? #istandwithfunkeadejumo


A petition to ban Reverend Funke Adejumo was sent to me yesterday and I could not stop laughing. When would our so called Christians desist from further dividing the body of Christ? If we are busy winning souls for Christ, we won’t have the opportunity to sign silly petitions. In any case, you have to prove the criminality of her alleged acts and the accusers have to show their faces to defend the petition. After that, they risked being sued (if they have anything of worth) for defamation of character, libel and slander. One of these days some of the people posting unfounded allegations online will go to jail when a vindictive victim decides to hold them by the jugular.
My wife and I had the privilege of hosting Pastor Funke Adejumo in our church last May. First, some stupid people wrote to her that she should not attend our church and she called me from Nigeria to tell me. I laughed and she gladly accepted our invitation. We had a good time and she is a very humble woman. Until you meet people and deal with them in person, you cannot join others to condemn them. She did not make any demands and she only ate the food we cooked for her. She was too easy to entertain. We even invited her for dinner at home but she opted to remain in her hotel room to pray. She teaches women to honour their husbands according to the word of God. She also motivates them to add value. We loved her and we did not ask her to raise money. As a pastor, I lead my congregation and I do not need validation from any ‘international speaker’. I do not need to bring any fundraiser. But, I also understand that many can preach but with no testimonies of note. She speaks a lot of sense and motivates millions of women around the world to rise up and be counted. She does a lot of charitable work, raised her children well, is a grandmother and supports her husband well. There is no one that is perfect and I am also not perfect. You my readers are also not perfect. We are all striving to attain perfection. Let us stop this gospel of condemnation. Funke Adejumo It is wrong to just rise up and say they should ban someone from entering the UK. No pastor or true child of God should support a movement like that. What have they done to people like Dr. Mike Murdock, Benny Hinn and other notable preachers? Have they banned them or is it because she is a woman? I by the grace of God does not need the validation from any man. Promotion belongs to God. You can be validated by man and be rejected by God. I know that too well. As a result of that, I have no alliance with any man or woman. I have no alliance with any ministry. I lead my ministry with the faithful members God gave me to lead. With the few, we bought our church building and paid it off without any godfathers. I do not rely on godfathers and fundraisers. A true ministry will never lack resources. God is the fundraiser. Let every one know that if you sign petitions, you will have to defend it and point out the criminal act that was perpetrated. You will have to prove that those who donated funds were coerced and forced against their will. You will have to prove many things. This is UK not Africa. As a lawyer I know that very well. You will have to be a British citizen or a UK resident to create or sign a petition. Most of the people currently signing petitions may not even have the right to be here. Why are you saying they should ban someone from entering the UK? It is wrong and it is sad that some pastors are joining them. Some pastors are sending indirect messages but what have they achieved in their own ministry? Most of these is jealousy and envy. Some have become Facebook champions. Finally, this does not advance the gospel and we are only playing into the hands of unbelievers and disgruntled elements in churches. Islam is rising and we are busy biting each other, God is in control and he will fight for his church and his true servants. Who is a true servant of God? We cannot say as only God the righteous judge knows. I love you all.
By Pastor Olawanle Dele.
Pastor Dele is a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales and Pastor of Winners Kingdom, London.

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  1. It is so sadden that the sole called Christian, go about campaigning against
    Christians believes. They fail to know that it is impossible to kick against
    the goads. Go and ask Saul in his days, if not for mercy he would have die
    as one of the strong worker in the Vine yard of the devil thinking he is
    fighting a just cause. Act 26:14
    If you don’t understand a thing why can’t you ask the Holy Spirit, why must
    you contend with the truth?
    We all know in part, no man knows it all, revelation differs.
    If you care to know, those that knows the truth about giving can never be
    stop no matters the gimmicks of the devils, they always prevail over them.
    Our giving in the house of Our God is Our Winning Ticket, Our Joker.
    Adenike Oladimeji

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