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Kenny Alex of ‘Kenny Alex Music‘ is a graceful song minister with a heart of praise and genuine worship of God you should watch out for. The beautiful singer has finally released her popular worship single Oloore (My Benefactor)  for free download.
According to Kenny Alex,
It (Oloore) was the crack of dawn on my birthday, March 19th 2015 during my time of worship, reminiscing on what God had done for me and all He’s brought me through, the lyrics of the song ‘Oloore’ welled up in my spirit and generously streamed down my lips in gratitude of God’s magnanimous awesomeness to me.
The song ‘Oloore’(My benefactor) has since turned a household song, sung in churches, fellowships and other Christian gatherings.
Among many praise-reports of the manifestations of God’s presence through the song is that of a Pastor who sang ‘Oloore‘ with a heart full of faith (having heard the song in a ministers’ conference) and was trusting God for a financial breakthrough, got a call shortly after, which paid his bills and left him with abundance.

Download Oloore by Kenny Alex Here

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