Let's Talk About Jesus by Goke

Lets Talk About Jesus by Gokel ( Smeg Elliot ).

New music is here and it is getting funkier!. Fast rising christian singer, Gokel a.k.a SmeGelliott is at it again but this time, it is better and funkier. Lets Talk About Jesus  is a funky Gospel track to Reemphasize and affirm that the name JESUS is still the Greatest name and no other name compared to the name and Great and Mighty Wonders happen via the name of JESUS. Name above other names, greatest and Sweetest name ever. Download and don’t just listen but put the name to work in your life and experience a life changing Encounter.
DOWNLOAD,  LISTEN,  AND SHARE/REBROADCAST to give Glory to the name of JESUS and to advance the news about the Gospel of Jesus Christ…

DOWNLOAD: Lets Talk About Jesus by Gokel


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