This is an opinion of not your Big brother, I am not here to make choices for you but might be lighting a path someway. Categorically, I am not a “TV fan, I am all okay with Rock and Country tune hitting my waves. But whatabout those who just wanna get entertained after a “long day” or those who are apparently have got nothing to get them busy? As a christian, we don’t need a pastor to tell us the show is a symbol of evil and reproduces such. So, before you tune in to watch the show or join the trend on social media, answer the questions:

  1. What are my priorities for today?
  2. What major thing has been accomplished?
  3. How much have I really earned (money, yeah it all about money)?
  4. How much have I invested in my life or care to invest in other(s) today?
  5. How boldly can I share “my BBNAIJA” show with a decent friend or mentor (Think deep, you have one somewhere)?
  6. What will I gain from BBNAIJA?
  7. What will I loose from not watching? Apparently nothing!
  8. Is this my life worth? (No!)
Not your life worth, but this is your life and choice to make. While you are burning resources on BBNAIJA. The sponsors are making huge millions off your “innocent” short-codes, thanks to not-up-to N50 (fifty naira) cost of voting housemates. Invest your time read blogs that teach you how to make money, plan your business, get value. the world is moving and only show makers would be the focus( article for another time.) Meanwhile, Read:

The 7 Best Ways to Invest Your Time

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