Ti’s a new week! Welcome to another dawn of opportunities. What are your expectations this new week? No matter how the previous week went, I am here to tell you the best is ahead of you this week. So many good tidings await you. So, get ready to grab them all! As usual, have you analyzed your plans? Penned down your dos and donts for the week? Well, it is never too late to do that now. Get yourself up and get ready for the new day. Do your devotion as planned (your new year resolution 🙂 ). Be good as much as required. Bless souls around you and ensure you make something worthwhile for yourself (VERY IMPORTANT). Manana (tomorrow) is often the busiest day of the week. Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today. I wish you to be unlimited. Do all you can do today! Here at Ivory File, we have loads of awesome packages we will be unveiling from the new week. Ensure you keep reading our blog to stay updated and spiritually lifted. Above all, never forget Jesus Loves You.   Happy New Week!   Written By: Rose Barnabas]]>

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