Here are the top 10 upcoming Christian musicians in Nigeria.
You can call them top 10 up and coming gospel artistes in Nigeria but one thing for sure, they are coming up really fast and strong!. Gospel music in Nigeria experienced a massive arrival of fresh talents, many bright stars hits our waves in the year 2017 and it just won’t be fair to welcome you to 2018 without acknowledging them. The List of  2017 top ten  upcoming Gospel singers in Nigeria is compiled by our official media partner, . Check this list and tell us what you think via the comment box below.


10. Tomiwa Immanuel

IG: @Tomiwa_Immanuel Twitter: @Tomiwa_Immanuel It’s no surprise this name might seem unfamiliar, however, that is exactly why you should check out this spirit filled minister of God and see for yourself what he’s all about. You can start from his faith challenge jam ‘All About You ?’.

9. Tobi Osho

IG: @Tobi_osho Twitter: @MinOluwatobi Following him from his Facebook videos to his debut single featuring Kenny K’ore has been a beautiful journey. He is the epitome of grace and favour. We hope to see more from the worshipper we love so much in the years that follow.

8. Jumbo Ane

IG: @Jumboane Twitter: @Jumboane His recent release, ‘I Worship’, featuring the amazing Sonnie Badu is a display of how Jumbo knows music and his God. He declares his unwavering resolution to worship and always laces it with beautiful melodies. If after you listen to this song and feel like you want more, you’ve got to check out ‘Kosi’ featuring Jonathan Nelson and the famous ‘Imela’.

7. Preye Odede

IG: @Preyeodede Twitter: @Preyeodede Personally, I had ‘Bulie’ on repeat for months. His recent album ‘Ready’ is a necessity. Preye carries the heart of a worshipper. Enough said.

6. Victoria Orenze

IG: @Victoriaorenze Twitter: @Victoriaorenze Known for her passionate love of God, the first and only woman on our list has been on the lips of many this year. From her famous YouTube video to participating actively in the hallelujah challenge to featuring on Nathaniel Bassey’s ‘Alagbada Ina’, Victoria is being used to rekindle hearts as children of God cry ‘Oh Lord set my heart on fire for you’, a line and prayer from her song.

5. Kaestrings

IG: @Kaestrings Twitter: @Kaestrings If you remember The Hallelujah Challenge, which was brought about by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit through Nathaniel Bassey this year, you would definitely remember this artist. ‘GA Shi Nan’ by Kaestrings was sung repeatedly by voices all around the world and that uncovered this minister of God.

4. Gil Joe

IG: @_Giljoe Twitter: @_GilJoe ‘Mayo’ will always be a favourite but 2017 has seen Gil release heartfelt music one would struggle to forget. ‘Real Quick’ shows the ordinary man and how personal a relationship with Jesus can be. Let’s not forget his remix with CalledOut Music, which is a vibe and more.

3. CalledOut Music

IG: @CalledOutMusic Twitter: @CalledOutMusic Samuel Nwachukwu has taken us from the groovy chants of ‘sweet Jesus you’re mine’ to the cry of a sober heart in ‘My Prayer’ this 2017. It’s safe to say CalledOut is shining his light and we’re blessed by his ministry.

2. Jo Deep

IG: @Iamjodeep Twitter: @Iamjodeep Ojapa Jonathan is putting the finishing touches to his debut album titled ‘ We Are Deep’ and we cannot wait to be taken deep into the Father’s love. His recent release ‘Christ Is Reason’ is relevant for this festive season and yeah, he is also a pastor. Finally,

The number one on the list of the top 10 upcoming Christian musicians in Nigeria is…. Nkay!

IG: @Mr_Nkay Twitter: @Mr_Nkay Signed to Frank Edwards’ record label (Rocktown Records), Nkay has taken the gospel music Industry to a new level this year with the release of his EP titled ‘Life A Meaning’ Containing only seven songs. This piece of art will have your heart ignited for God and your feet dancing in praise. His more recent feature on Frank Edward’s ‘Hallelujah Meje’ proves that Nkay is far from regular. He isn’t totally new to this, he has given us hits like ‘Your Love’ and ‘Numbers’ but more than ever this year, we’ve seen him push his sound and we hear him and the Jesus he represents loud and clear.

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