This is one questio many keep asking. I remember someone saying “but damn we paid tithe to get the school built, yall should lets get in free no buck” Do you think Christian schools at all level be free?Here is I keep saying it.

If you say Christian Schools should be free and retain their standards, then you should try and go into business and run it for free. Then come back and tell us how far! Our government Universities have failed us beyond measure and we see private and Christian bodies coming to start Universities that offer better qualities than these government universities yet we claim they should be free? I don’t get it. Even lecturers in government universities are now running to these private Unis for sabbaticals and even fulltime jobs. Before you even complain at all, have you ever thought of how much it takes to run a good institution in this country, with all the burdens government will put on you? For me, the reason to start any private standard university shouldn’t be to make it free, but to offer world class education, that can compete with any school in the world. And as it is, it cannot be for everybody. Even if the schools are N100,000 per session, a lot of Nigerians would still not be able to afford it. Finally, some people will say they carried sand and contributed money when the schools were starting, but their children can’t afford to attend the schools because of the fees. My question is, were you forced to carry sand and contribute money (that’s if their claims were even true)? Whatever you want to do should be as a result of your understanding and faith in God. And don’t always expect God to pay you back with the same coin, He ain’t a money doubler. If you gave with a genuine heart, He will pay you back in multiple folds, which may be quite different from what you offered to Him. I’ve realized that those who give so much don’t always want their names out there and they never complain! Stay blessed! By Ade Obasa Source: ChurchGist

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