SHILOH 2017 MESSAGE – SATURDAY MORNING (DAY 5) As the 2017 Shiloh event of the Living Faith Church (Winners’ Chapel ) ends today, we are glad to present to you the message/teachings from the last day (day 5, Saturday morning) of the programme, the last day of the annual Shiloh prayer conference is tagged Shiloh Impartation/Anointing Service. Read below.

What is in the oil?

  1. The yoke destroying power of God. Is 10:25-27
  2. The healing power of God.
  3. The breakthrough power of God. 1 Sam 17:37 –
  4. The protection power of God. Ps 105:13-15 * The mystery of the fan and the fire. Matt 3:11-12 

The mystery of the prophetic mantle.

What is in the mantle?
  1. It is a carrier of the overflow anointing of the prophet. Ps 45:8-12
  2. Ps 133:1-3. The anointing upon God’s priests flows down to their garment and to the helm of their garment and to whoever is genuinely connected.Believe in the person and the ministry of the prophet.
  3. The mantle is a medium for the duplication and multiplication of grace.
The mystery of Fatherhood God is restoring fatherhood to the church and that is the mystery behind protecting every anointing in one generation to the other. Mal 4:5-6, Ps 145:4 You cannot share the DNA of your teacher. You cannot share the DNA of your pastor. You can only share the DNA of your father.

The process of fatherhood sonship

You need to be saved and remain in the faith for your New Dawn package to be delivered to you. Make your way right with Jesus and re-position yourself with Him! Pray this simple prayer of faith; [caption id="attachment_50614" align="aligncenter" width="500"]prayer of faith prayer of faith[/caption]]]>

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