SHILOH 2017 MESSAGE – Faith Oyedepo’s Teaching. Pastor Faith Oyedepo, speaking at the 2017 Shiloh event addressed immorality found with both the young and old in the church.

In her message Friday morning titled: ‘The Force of Hope’, she prayed that the God who disappointed her adversaries would disappoint the adversaries of believers present, both on ground and on-line. After praying to God and declaring that listeners would receive the type of testimony of resurrection she experienced, she got down to business addressing both male and females. “You have been in despair in marriage but your marriage will blossom again. For those not married, you shall be covenantly married. Be covenantly married, not stealing someone’s husband or eyeing somebody’s wife. You are married and running after women. That is not the covenant That is not the Bible That is not what you were taught I perceive in my spirit that there are such people here today. If you are one of them, stop it o! Stop it and stop it now! What you sow will determine what you reap Don’t casually or deliberately cause trouble in someone else’s marriage so you can grab the person. Don’t go into 5 different relationships and start comparing all of them-only you. That is unscriptural, that is unholy. There shall be waves of marital restoration You are married, yet you are not married and wishing you were not married to the person you are married to. What do you want to do? You can’t change the person. However God is the unchangeable changer. He will do the changing. In your marriage, God will make you to laugh” said the Oyedepo matriarch as she ended her sermon.

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