QUOTABLE QUOTES FROM SHILOH 2017 – Bishop Oyedepo Quotes of Today is drawn from the powerful teachings from the ongoing Shiloh 2017 by Dr David Oyedepo. These are words of insights and revelation. They are not mere religious tagline. But deep content that can bring about indelible change in man’s life. Quotes for everyone. Please click here to see details about the Shiloh event .You can also watch Shiloh Live via the same link. [caption id="attachment_50836" align="alignnone" width="700"]Bishop Oyedepo Shiloh 2017 Bishop Oyedepo Shiloh 2017[/caption] See some of the quotes below.

The word we see do not change our story, it is the word we receive. You can’t dive (jump) sleeping, you need to be awake. No matter what, nothing can be “truer” than the truth Striking is not enough, striking to time is important. There is one thing God does not know. It is joke. Every idle word spoken by a man, he shall be accountable for. Your path is ordained by redemption to shine more and more each day. Wisdom can be defined as knowing the right thing to do from the Word and doing it. Matthew 7:25

Supernatural wisdom puts you in command of impossible thing.

You can only receive it, you can’t learn supernatural wisdom.

  These are extracts from the day2  of the annual Shiloh event. More updates coming soon.   Do you like today’s quote? Have you been touched or someway inspired by it? Feel free to share your thoughts with us via the comment below and share this to your favourite social media. You never knew who might need it. If you have quotes what sharing, please send them to us via email: ivoryfile@gmail.com    ]]>

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