SHILOH 2017 DAY3: Unlocking our heritage of new dawn in Christ (Part 4) By Bishop David Oyedepo.

See the teachings from the day 3 of this year Shiloh event. “The force of wisdom” Job 28:7-28 shows how far above this wisdom is. No matter the heat on the earth, it’s able to locate the treasures. This wisdom is available only to the redeemed of the Lord. It takes the wisdom of God to take the heritage of the new dawn. This wisdom is in levels.

What then is wisdom?.

1. The know how about one’s goal or issues of concern. Matthew 7:24 2. Knowing the right thing to do from the word and doing it. 3. Knowing the right step to go and taking it 4. Knowing the right turn to make from the word and taking it It is our edge or aid over the world. Knowing it is knowledge, applying it is wisdom. Wisdom is the applied knowledge of the truth in any vision or issue of your life. Wisdom makes our face to shine. The wiser we are the brighter we shine. Wisdom is relevant.

Sources of wisdom in the scriptures:

1. The spirit of wisdom. 2 Timothy 1:7 2. The word of God. God’s word makes people wise. Psalm 119:97-98. Wisdom is better than weapons of war. You teach the devil lessons by demonstrating the wisdom. We use wisdom in dealing with principalities and powers. It covers every aspect of wisdom. Everybody that had the spirit of God got tied to the word to maintain their wisdom walk with God; Daniel, Joshua, David(1st Samuel 18:5) Every divine virtue is sustained, built and preserved by the word. Joshua 1:8 If you’re not tied to the word, your endowment will lose value. The spirit of wisdom facilities access to the word relevant to the issue at hand. There’s a wisdom answer to every problem anyone may ever encounter in life. If you lack it ask him, God has the wisdom answer. Instead of getting angry at someone’s result, find out what he does. Walk in my wisdom and I’ll set you on high above all nations of the earth. Wisdom is the source of durable riches. Luke 2:52 As you increase in wisdom, your status is enhanced. Matthew 11:19 Wisdom is our birthright in Christ. We have the mind of Christ. Rest is not in weeping. Come and learn of me, come unto me and I will give you rest. Isaiah 59:8 1 statement can scatter a home of 20 years. Discipline your tongue. The unrest in your family might not be the devil. Get back to the word, it is the way. We must begin to engage the ways of God out of our challenges in life. All healing in the scriptures came by force. You have to stand up to the challenge and say “enough is enough”. That is God’s wisdom for healing. Isaiah 52:2 Keep putting the word to work with delight you’re sowing seeds into your future. Let the word discipline every aspect of your life (words, thoughts, actions) When you don’t know what else to do, turn to Jesus. Shiloh 2017 shall be a launching path into realms of wisdom in the body of Christ. This wisdom locates treasures in the midst of trash. God is no respecter of person. Locate the thing to do and keep doing it. Where you stand in the word is what defines your life and where you live or work. You can’t be fruitful if you can’t be faithful. James 1:5 If you don’t hook up to covenant practice you remain a victim. You can’t be free from the devil without operating a violent faith.



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