Faith Oyedepo testifies about her challenges with Bishop Oyedepo in their early days in ministry. Marriage is never a bed of roses. I have always wondered how the wife of very occupied man of God like David Oyedepo manages. Would there ever be anytime for romance? Well, fill the list…

Read Pastor Faith Oyedepo experiences as published by Leke Beecroft

In those days, she and her husband experienced days without food and had to resort to taking Cerelac Baby Food with their first child. She said those days were filled with fear as she sometimes had doubts about the future.

In those days, my husband was always prophesying and each one of those prophesies were atomic bombs.

One day (1982) he said, at the Base of this ministry, a tent will seat 50,000. That time we were not up to 50. The devil whispered into my ear, all of these people are free to go, only you will remain. Are we not in the 50,000 church today ? And very soon we are moving to a bigger one.


In those days after I had just given birth to my first child as a nursing mother, I will get home and give my husband my salary as usual and he told me that God said he should sow every money in the house as a seed to God. I asked myself, how will my child feed?

My heart was always beating whenever I was going home, but now, no more.


Bishop Oyedepo on the other hand commended his wife Faith who changed her name from Florence after she met him.

He said ‘I have never had any resistance from her in my life following Jesus.

She made it interesting and delight some for me to serve God. She signed with me the Covenant for a Kingdom Priority Lifestyle. She shares my spirit in this work for God and she took the lead in raising our children.

  By: Leke Beecroft

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