Bishop Oyedepo Speaks On Crucial Circumstances Surrounding Tithing, Why you must pay tithe and the consequences of not paying tithe while addressing millions of worshipers all over the world at the ongoing Shiloh 2017 event. In recent times, Nigeria social media has been on the boil over tithing. Many have been waiting for religious leaders in the country to address the so called “controversial” topics. Finally, the set man of the Living Faith Church worldwide, Bishop Oyedepo addresses the situation, with insight. ¬†This extract was written by Leke Beecroft and Stella Nwaekpe of Church Gist¬†,a Facebook page dedicated for Christian news and updates. Bishop Oyedepo again during his message at the Encounter Night of the ongoing Shiloh 2017 has encouraged Christians to profess the word of God by doing the work. Quoting from scriptures, he stated clearly that for every provision of scripture there were conditions to be met and that tithing was a requirement for the windows of heaven to be opened in abundance. Below are details of the Encounter Night 2 Testimonies: 85 testimonies were recorded, 7 shared. Include the following: Twins after 10years of waiting Brain cancer healed 16 years of barrenness terminated Charge by Pst David Oyedepo (Jnr) Heb 11:3 Those who miss the word miss the impact Those who meet the word meet the impact Every man’s world is framed by the word. Shiloh is a feast of the word. God meets his people via his word. 1 Samuel 3:21. We must fight distraction. Distraction can even be something that is good but at the wrong time. Keep your focus on God. Matthew 6:22 Every division of your attention seeks to steal your portion. Fight distraction and pay attention. Message by Bishop David Oyedepo As revelation knocks on the door of your heart, may you be ready to open up. Mark 10:27 UNLOCKING OUR NEW DAWN HERITAGE IN CHRIST (Part 3) Justification entitles us to a new dawn. Romans 8:30. Our light shines more and more and more and more…until Jesus’s comes. We have a new dawn heritage in redemption. My life is not programmed to be stagnant. At Shiloh impossible and unimaginable doors will be open to me. A covenant is a spiritual platform that defines the provision and the conditions to meet to actualize them. There is nothing theological about covenant. It just shows what the provisions are and the conditions to meet. 2 Corinthian 3:18. It is encounters with the word on any subject matter that changes our level from Glory to glory. Not waiting for things to happen but knowing what to do to make them happen. Not waiting and wasting. Our adventure in the faith is covenant bound. Knowing what to do to deliver what has been provided. Jeremiah 33:20 His integrity is committed by your covenant compliance. It’s not the word we see that changes our story but the word we engage with. James 1:24 Be ye doers of the work that the word prescribes. If you’re not a tither no window will open. Our adventure in the faith is covenant bound. God is no respecter of person. Anyone that aligns with the terms of the covenant will command the same result. It’s the doer revelation that births a new dawn. 2 chronicles 15:5-15 The word you don’t enter into won’t change your story. It’s not enough for the word to enter into you, you have to enter into the word by entering into a Covenant to meet the divine conditions needed. Abide in the word or you can’t deliver. No branch can bring forth fruit except it abides in the vine. When Jesus blesses you become as peaceful as a baby. Procrastination is a device of the devil to rob you of your portion. Wake up! When the word is stirred and you jump into it, you’re made whole immediately. In a prophetic meeting, you don’t sleep otherwise you may say Amen to the wrong thing. We see light through the light of others. Light is light. God multiples vision. Time is of essence, striking is not enough but striking to time is required. You strike when your iron is hottest. Every time the pool of revelation is stirred, you enter in there and then, whether it is in your personal study or otherwise. The Holy Spirit is a person and not just a tongue. The Bible is a covenanted book, ratified by the blood of the everlasting covenant. Every statement of scripture is God’s covenant, when entered in faith a delivery is guaranteed. Proverbs 18:21 Those who talk sickness don’t see health. You have what you say not what you pray. You have prayed and fasted but you have been speaking wrongly. The more you say it the more you facilitate the healing process. You can’t be talking failure and poverty and have success and prosperity. Caution: The words you speak are seeds. Galatians 6:7 There are many givers who are poor talkers. Ecclesiastes 5:6 suffer not thy mouth to cause thy flesh to sin A covenant is not just one term but a package of terms. Every careless statement counts against you. Learn to say what God says concerning you. #1 Receive the person of the prophet. Matthew 10:41, Mark 6:5-6 #2 Believe the person of the prophet 2 Chronicles 20:20 #3 Honour the person of the prophet The prophet you despise cannot deliver his virtue to you. Isaiah 29:13 Thousands of satellite churches across the globe were connected live online to the service. Prominent among them and also shown on the screen were Living Faith Church, Goshen (Mission Headquarters), Garden of Faith (first headquarters), Landmark University as well as churches in London, New Jersey, Maryland, Johannesburg, Abeokuta, Port Harcourt, Benin City, Lusaka, Accra, Freetown, Houston and Lagos Provinces among many others.    ]]>

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