Yes! We knew Chee could have done better than that! We were expecting our music genius but something went wrong! Chee performance at The Experience Gospel singer, Chee has come out to address what went down during her performance at the recently completed gospel concert, The Experience. According to popular opinions, the singer performance was not up to her usual standards at the experience and many were upset and disappointed. The singer has taken to her social media  to apologize to fans and followers. In her words:

6PM News!!!! Hey guys, it has come to my knowledge that so many people are upset and disappointed in my presentation at the experience, and frankly I dont blame you. I didn’t understand what happened till I watched the video, I was enjoying my time with God and honestly thanking God for the victory. The beauty of worship is in the heart but the excellence of worship is in the presentation and skill. I am sorry I left you guys with a sour taste. Believe me I have sang ‘HOW GREAT THOU ART’ more than 50 times this year. For those of you who follow @Instachoir, you know that we endlessly use that song for praise and worship, so it’s not a question of lack of rehearsals. We practiced with the band, over and over and over again, but I take full responsibility of the mishap, and just kindly ask that you trust God as I trust him, and trust me that I will be better next time the opportunity comes to worship God in such a big public space. This journey is long, so we have a ways to go and I’m glad you guys are in on it with me. Thanks @frankrichboy for continuously trusting my gift and unselfishly showcasing me to the world, even though I built some 3 bedroom flats on your set. Sorry about that. I guess I need more @Instachoir lessons. Much love to my colleagues and co-workers in this vineyard, you guys are too much.
  I can’t wait for Chee to take over the stage next time and do what she has been ordained to do. Meanwhile, click here to see photos from the Experience   UP NEXT: FRANK EDWARDS to release new single today. Are you read? Click here to see it when it comes out.]]>

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