Welcome to the I-Opener section of IvoryFile. On this week edition, I have decided to share this worthwhile¬† piece published to Facebook by my friend,¬†Muhammad Thanni Ibn Issa. I met Thanni some 6 years ago and he has been a very wise person to be on the move with. Even though we didn’t have much to talk about over the years, I have been quietly following every dot on his Facebook wall to peek into his insightful thoughts. Thanni, the last time I checked was a Muslim and he has just sent this Significant questions to all Christians, Christians with deep knowledge of the scripture. [caption id="attachment_50449" align="aligncenter" width="548"]why should christian pay tithe why should christian pay tithe[/caption] Read below:¬†   In the early middle ages, various arguments arose out of skepticism within Christendom. The development of science in intellectual areas such as medicine, psychology, sociology, anthropology and so on awakened many to become conscious of many unchallenged notions that religion has made them believe. Scientific discoveries proved to be more verifiable based on the empirical evidences attached to its claims. Certain claims in the Bible such as the movement of the sun around the earth was proved to be incorrect. Does God truly exist? If he does, how can we prove his existence? What is evil? Is there such a thing as miracle? These type of questions were the questions that the church faced that lead to what later became known as theistic hypothesis. The need for the church to give answers to this questions became not only necessary but also pertinent. Church men such as St. Thomas Aquinas, Arch Deacon William Parley, St Anselm rose up to the occasion and gave answers to the critics with different philosophical arguments. muhammed thanni issa Today, in Nigeria, the church has come under serious scrutiny once again. But this time, it’s not about the existence of God or the reason why there is evil in the world, it is about the role of the church in the development of the society and the impacts it should have on its members. An ongoing debate on social media is about tithing. Why should Christians pay tithe? Is the tithe being paid used for the right purposes as stated in the scripture? This and many more questions have been asked and are equally begging for answers. This post is an attempt to draw the attention of Christians who understand the scripture to give answers to these questions. Do we have the likes of St Anselm, St. Thomas Aquinas, Arch Bishop William Parley in our midst to rise up to the occasion and answer these questions?


  1. Why should Christians pay tithe?

  2. Is the tithe being paid used for the right purposes as stated in the scripture?

  Kindly post your answers below. Your opinion really matters]]>

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