I saw this on social media few days ago. 

A church in Nigeria which charges N5000 for deliverance has seen one of the receipt they issued go viral on social media. The church identified as, The God’s Spirit Touch Church Int’l, AKA, Chosen Chapel, located in Calabar, Cross River State as can be seen on the receipt has reportedly been charging people in search of healing and deliverance..
While many jumps into conclusion  and nailed the church, i guess someone did not consider: So, before you join the convo and curse anyone ( which you don’t have to). Double check the details. Look outside the screen!!! However, dear pastor, if this is true of your church, you need a deliverance yourself from a saved pastor. After the deliverance, I will send you a copy of the Holy Bible ( any version you like) to start reading each letter of the Bible and pray for the Holy spirit to teach you each details because you are way out of line!!! PLEASE READ:  MATTHEW 10:8]]>

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