Back to school already?

It’s official friends, school is in full swing.

Do you remember learning your ABC’s? As a wee child, we had no idea just how essential those alphabets would be in our lives. That quirky little alphabet song and those seemingly unrelated letters helped us to form words and then to construct sentences.

For many of us, it’s been years since we strolled into our first day of class.


If you are relatively new to the blogging world, it can seem like you just walked into your first day of foreign language class and the teacher isn’t speaking any English.

While you may have long forgotten all your learned in French or Spanish class, you can totally grasp these key basic blogging terms. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be heading back to blogging school.

The ABCs of Blogging

The ABC's of Blogging
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Let’s start at the beginning with the letter A.

Key Blogging Terms You Should Know

Example of creative about me pages
Rock Your About Page

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Affiliate Marketing Resources

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The B’s of Blogging

How to Start a Mom Blog

The C’s of  the Blogging

Learn to Blog

The D’s of Blogging

The E’s Blogging

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Whew, well there you have it friends our first installment of the ABCs of blogging. Did we miss any terms you are still a little iffy about? Which one do you need to work on this most? Let us know in the comments.


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