5 Ways Your Kids Can Express Their Faith at School
It’s that time of year again when kids are going back to school. Whether your children are preschool age or college kids, it’s important that they know how to express their faith in a school environment. Although we hear a lot about Bibles being banned from public schools or Christian prayer or after-school groups being targeted, it is important for Christian students to know that America is still a country with laws protecting religious freedom rights. We are blessed as Christians to be granted these freedoms, and we can encourage our children to use them while at school. Here are five ways students can express their faith as they enter their classrooms and begin a new schoolyear.

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1. Bring Their Bible

Although there have been reports that teachers and school administrators have told students that they couldn’t have their Bible in school, this just isn’t true. It is perfectly legal to bring a Bible to school. Of course, it’s common sense and respect not to be reading it during a class or lecture, but it’s part of your religious freedom to have your Bible with you if you’d like to read it during lunch or between classes or during recess. 

In fact, did you know that there is a whole day dedicated to bringing a Bible to school. It’s called (not surprisingly) Bring Your Bible to School Day, and this year it will be on October 5.


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