The little girl’s eyes watched carefully as her parents met her kindergarten teacher for the first time. She noticed the handshakes and adult smiles. She heard her mother laugh when the teacher told a funny story about chasing a stray dog out of the classroom when setting up for the new year. Slowly, the little girl relaxed and moved closer to the teacher from behind her dad’s legs.

“And this is our daughter, Amanda,” her dad said.

“Hello, Amanda. I am happy to meet you,” smiled the teacher, bending down to look in the girl’s face. “Come see your desk with your new orange nameplate. We are all about bright colors in this room!”

Her parents joined her and nodded their encouragement. Her dad even gave his special secret wink that meant he was pleased. Everything will be okay, the girl thought and took the teacher’s outstretched hand.

What happens when parents and teachers work together for the good of students?

Research shows this partnership results in many levels of success for students:Key Tips for Creating Parent Teacher Partnerships that Work

How do parent and teachers develop a positive working relationship?

Taking time and investing energy toward a working home-school relationship isn’t always easy. Both sides have to focus on learning, accepting, appreciating, and supporting one another. As Christians, we are fortunate to have the tool of prayer, and we should engage it, along with healthy doses of humility and grace.

As a parent and former classroom teacher, school counselor, and K-12 principal, I have experienced both sides of this powerful team. I asked my FaceBook audience for ideas how to build an effective home-school partnership.

Tips for Educators

Educators offer 10 tested methods for connecting with parents:

Tips for Parents

Parents suggest 10 ways to build rapport with teachers:

We Are In This Together

Training and caring for children is hard work, whether at home or school. Neither parents nor teachers are financially compensated for the countless hours required to do their jobs with excellence.

Having this common base, both groups can mutually respect and support each other to share the labor. Home experts and classroom experts make a powerful team, and the result is success for students. Make this year the best yet in parent-teacher partnerships.

Gail Goolsby

Gail Goolsby, MA, MEd is a lifelong educator, including past leadership at an international school in Afghanistan. Gail and her pastor husband of 39 years live where the wind blows over the prairie in south Kansas. She counsels and coaches using God’s Word to help others learn to live well. auto-gathered this post from: christian Women

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