How to Talk to Your Kids about North Korea
Your kids can’t have the TV on for very long without coming across alarming new developments with North Korea. Now that North Korea has missiles that can reach the continental United States and the ability to miniaturize a nuclear warhead to fit in those missiles, the threat to America is more serious than ever before. As your kids head to school, other children may comment on the escalating situation or even make callous jokes about nuclear war. So, how should you talk to your kids about the situation in North Korea? There are five factors to consider when shaping how you talk with your children about a controversial subject like this conflict.

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1. Consider the facts

Because children have limited access to reliable information sources, it is commonly the case that they are uninformed or misinformed about difficult topics. Furthermore, they are still developing the ability to effectively process complex information in limited time frames. You are not trying to prove yourself to be a subject matter expert on Asian foreign policy and military strategy. But you should seek to be a reliable source of insight for your children when significant developments emerge.

The facts around the conflict with North Korea are complicated. So, it is helpful to read articles, such as the Atlantic’s recent cover story, that can enable you to familiarize yourself with the history, current state, and future options on the issue. Of course, the level of detail you use when talking with your children will depend on their age, the priority of the issue in your home, and your parenting approach. But we can’t assume that children understand the details. So, helping your child to consider the facts establishes an essential foundation for the rest of the conversation.


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