I don’t know who was more scared, the teenage boy who wanted to date our daughter, or my husband, who was preparing to interview him. Maybe the boy had never been questioned by a prospective date’s father. And it was the first interview of its kind for my husband. As the young man squirmed, my husband, using an idea from Dennis Rainey’s book, “Interviewing Your Daughter’s Date,” reached into his pockets and laid the contents on the table before them. His wallet. His car keys. His money. And a picture of our green-eyed, blond-haired daughter.

“Stephen,” he said, “these items represent the most valuable things in my life. Which do you think is most precious to me?”

There was only one answer – “Your daughter.”

This fact has been true from the moment the doctor laid all 6 pounds 12 ounces of her in his arms. And from that moment on, my husband has been thinking about and praying for the man who would someday marry her. After more than two decades of praying, a father has a pretty good idea of the type of man he wants his daughter to marry. Here are 10 characteristics.

He hopes his son-in-law will be:

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