What 8 Christian Leaders Had to Say on Transgenderism
The issue of gender identity and transgenderism is at the forefront of our culture today, and it is also affecting the church. The issue of transgenderism came to a head recently with the debate over transgender bathrooms. This led to many Christian leaders weighing in on not only the issue of what the Bible has to say on transgenderism, but on the morality of specific policy relating to the transgender issue. Because of the platforms that they have, these Christian leaders’ beliefs on transgenderism and gender identity are particularly influential. Below are quotes from 10 different Christian leaders on this issue.

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1. Albert Mohler

“Scripture clearly refutes any theory that gender is only a social construction or that human beings are free to define gender in a way different than the way God defined male and female in the act of creation.

As Scripture also makes clear, the identity of the human being as male and as female points to marriage as the context in which the man and the woman, made for each other, are to come together in a union that is holy, righteous and absolutely necessary for human flourishing.”


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