The Online Worship Leader Course is a great way to cover several important & practical topics on worship leading. You’ll get lots of encouragement and advice from award-winning author and worship leader coach, Dwayne Moore, & you’ll have great discussions with other leaders in the class! The online course registration price is $299. We are giving away two $150 scholarships towards this course! APPLY HERE.
The ReIMAGINE Worship Intensive is a five-day retreat during the beautiful fall colors of October. It’s intentionally small for one-on-one attention, & it’s exclusively for worship pastors & lead pastors. The quality friendships you will form & the help you will receive for your ministry can return dividends to you and your church for years to come. We are giving away two $500 scholarships towards this event! APPLY HERE.
The Worship Intensive differs from the normal conference in several ways:

Don’t let these incredible opportunities pass you by! The deadline for applying for a TWC Scholarship is August 28th, so apply now!

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