Loving the Truth

“No lie was found in their mouth; they are blameless” (Revelation 14:5). To become blameless is to be free from falsehood; it is to be delivered from sin and the deception that protects sin. Yet this process is not attained if we are only casually committed to the Lord Jesus. We must be dedicated to the way of truth. Indeed, each of us has been conditioned by decades of unbelief,


“The Lord gave us mind and conscience; we cannot hide from ourselves” Proverbs 20:27 TEV). The best way to get off a guilt trip is to first admit your guilt. Don’t bury it, don’t deny it, and don’t ignore it. Just own up to it! Even when we know this truth, we still try to run from our guilt. But when you run from guilt, it’s going to catch up

Is There Absolute Truth?

Tweet Is truth subjective or is it objective? Are there truths that are absolute? Subjective Truth We have sliced and diced the truth so much that it’s not the truth anymore. Mankind’s truths are subjective and based upon experience and opinion. Not in all cases, but in many ways we justify our sins such as abortion and say, “Well, it’s best for