Three Dating Tips for the Christian Girl Who’s Been Hurt

You thought he was the one, he seemed to tick all the boxes. It was like a dream come true until you woke up to a far from perfect reality. You realized he was never what he seemed. That you were naïve and wanted a fairy-tale, so you held on for so long. You were hoping your dreams will come true. But they never did. You dove straight into the

Waiting on the Lord in Singleness

We live in an age obsessed with romantic love. Even the hyper-sexualized secular world is still running after wedding bells and the happily ever after. There is something deeply ingrained in our human nature that craves relationships:  we’re made in the image of our Creator who is love. We are called to love one another of a love that is selfless, but it’s very easy sometimes to make our state

2 Lessons to Learn While Waiting for the One…

How many times did you have to wait this week – when you were too busy or felt you didn’t have the time to? Yet, at the point when we are forced to wait, nothing else becomes as important as learning to wait. Recently, my car broke down and following the call out… I had to wait. But, in waiting, this does not mean that I do nothing… rather I

You Are Set Apart

I recently did a blog on my website titled “How Do You Know” where I spoke on love, relationships, and where God fits in. I touched based on purity and soul ties. Before we begin I would like readers to know I have not always stood for purity, I am a single unwed mother of two. I love my kids dearly but if I understood what I now know I

Blessed by Brokenness

When I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis a few years ago, I thought my life had come to a complete stop. At twenty-six years old, my mother was helping me dress every morning because my joints were so inflamed by the chronic illness that it hurt too much to move. Even putting socks on my feet and buttoning my shirt brought excruciating pain. I felt like an infant, unable to