Where have all the nurses gone? NMC survey reveals an accelerating attrition of nurses and midwives

It seems sadly ironic that a week after Lord Crisp announced plans for a global campaign to promote the value of nursing in global health and development, the UK’s Nursing and Midwifery Council announced that in the last year 1,783 more nurses and midwives have left the professions than joined for the first time in over a decade. Inevitably this has fed into the current calls for an end to the

New study threatens midwives’ freedom of conscience on abortion

In the latest bid to circumvent the increasing number of younger doctors being unwilling to perform abortions, a new report has challenged the need for some surgical abortions to be undertaken by doctors at all. Sally Sheldon, a Law Professor at the University of Kent, has published a study into the 1967 Abortion Act and subsequent legal opinions to argue that in the case of vacuum aspiration (VAs), midwives or

Time for new partnerships: the added value of Christian organisations in preventative health

Your health is your true wealth, or so the saying goes. The relationship between health and wealth is quite well established. It continues to be an intractable issue in overcoming health inequalities. But while financial wealth has an undeniable impact, social and spiritual ‘wealth’ are also turning out to be integral to health. The National Health Service is often accused of being a national ‘ill-health’ service – it is great

Activists’ attempt to legalise abortion on demand up until birth is both unnecessary and unwanted

A campaign by activists to legalise abortion on demand up until birth hots up again this month, with the first reading of a Ten Minute Rule Bill on 13 March. Labour MP Diana Johnson is introducing a ‘Reproductive Health (Access to Terminations) Ten Minute Rule Bill. The bill aims ‘to regulate the termination of pregnancies by medical practitioners and to repeal certain criminal offences relating to such terminations; and for