Battle Strategy - How do you fight?

Not all wars are fought just the same way – Today’s devotional talk us through. At the height of an African government’s struggle with a terrorist rebel group, the president turned to the church for help. As people began to pray, an army chaplain declared that the war wouldn’t be won in battle, but through prayer. Thus began “Operation Gideon.” A team of intercessors gathered for several weeks of prayer

hard time

This devotional is to encourage you in hard-times, when you feel your back is all against the wall. I hope it truly help you. Charles Spurgeon, Martin Luther, poet and hymn writer William Cowper, Mother Teresa, and contemporary author Ann Voskamp—each has been recognized for their devotion to Jesus. And each has also battled depression. I’ve heard people say that followers of Christ can’t suffer from depression due to the

In Preparation

My friend Phil began chemo treatments in December 2016 for an aggressive form of lymphoma cancer. By God’s grace, he’d been prepared for this challenge in many ways. His wife had battled cancer several years before, and he had seen me go through several treatments in my own battle with an aggressive lymphoma. He had also just changed jobs, and the benefits and community support there were just what the

7 Bible Verses For Overcoming Fear

Tweet Here are seven Bible verses with commentary about overcoming fear. Second Timothy 1:7 “For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” What is the “spirit” that the Apostle Paul is speaking about which is called a “spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control?” The next sentence tells you: “So

Why Christians Don’t Have To Fear Terrorism

Tweet A lot of people are fearful of terrorism as it grows around the world, but why should Christians have no fear at all about terrorism? No Separation I don’t think Christians realize that they are as secure as they are because many of them are worried about terrorism, violence, and another “cold war,” but are their worries unfounded? I would say

What Are Reasons Some Christians Doubt Their Salvation?

Tweet I know of several Christians who have doubts as to whether they’re saved or not. What’s going on with these believers? Feelings Versus Truth When I speak with people who feel they’ve lost their salvation, which is more than you might think, they place far too great of an emphasis on feelings. They say “I feel I’ve committed the unpardonable sin”


Read: Ephesians 2: 1-10 Guilt can be like a poison working insidiously on the inside to create havoc in our thoughts and emotions. The antidote is to understand why we feel guilty and to know how to apply scripture teachings on the subject. Misunderstanding grace results in guilty feelings which make us think that in order to be a “good” Christian, we must clean up our act ourselves. In contrast,