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Phubbing - A bad way to treat someone

When was the last time someone looked down at their smartphone while you were talking to them? You were “phubbed”—snubbed by someone who chose to turn their attention to their phone. Phubbing happens, but it isn’t a kind way to treat someone. God has called us to a much higher standard of love and respect for others: “Those who love God must also love their fellow believers” (1 John 4:21).

The Day I Almost Walked Out on My Marriage

I was done. Finito. Tapped out. I felt like a single parent. When my husband wasn’t traveling for work, he was at work. I was already raising the kids and doing life by myself. I felt like he was only a paycheck. It wouldn’t make much difference if he physically brought it home or sent it in the mail. I complained to a girlfriend. She asked me a

Why should families have a say in organ retrieval?

It may come as a bit of a surprise to some people that even if a member of your immediate family carries an organ donor card, or is registered to donate his/her organs on death, you and your family could still refuse to let any organs be removed for donation if he/she were to suddenly die. Currently, under the UK Human Tissue Act 2004, a family is permitted to veto

10 Things to Say When Your Child Says They Don’t Believe in God Anymore

This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to speak at the ReTHINK Student Apologetics Conference (there are more of these conferences coming—be sure to check out the link and learn about them!). I always enjoy talking to parents after speaking and this weekend was no exception. One thing I realized this time was that at every event where I’ve spoken in the last couple of years, there have been parents

10 Areas of Your Son-in-Law’s Life That Need Your Prayers

As a parent, you pray for your daughter often. After all, you desire the best for her. What about the man she married? Are you praying for him? When a man, whether young or more mature, saunters into your daughter’s life and whisks her across the beautiful threshold of marriage, you have the privilege of not only praying for your offspring, but also her husband. You have the honor of

10 Things Your Wife Wishes You Would Say

There’s an idea fairly common in our culture about the woman’s mind. Television shows, magazines, movies, and songs make reference to this great unknown–what does a woman want? What is she thinking? Men seem perplexed by the complexities of our spaghetti minds. You’ve heard that term, right? Men’s minds are like waffles; compartmentalizing thoughts into boxes. Women’s minds are like spaghetti; our thoughts connecting all over the place.

5 Myths People Believe about Saving Your First Kiss for Marriage

My husband and I waited until our wedding day to kiss each other.  Even among Christians, the simple statement, “We’re waiting!” was received with shock and at times, mockery. Waiting to kiss is definitely not normal. I chose to save my kiss for my wedding day long before I met my husband. I didn’t do it because Josh Harris, my parents, or my church said so. I didn’t even choose it for spiritual reasons

Is There a Difference between Noticing Someone is Attractive and Lust?

Sometimes I think people outside the faith think we’re nuts.  We take a topic, like attraction and lust, and draw an imaginary line in the sand. Then, we criticize those who cross it even if they had no idea it was even there. We somehow justify it by whatever additional regulations we put on it, beyond what God said, because we’ve inferred things from the Bible and assume

Christian Study: Why Homeschooling Might Be For You

Tweet As parents one of the most important and sometimes difficult decisions that we make is what to do about school. My children are well beyond school age and in fact, some of them are raising their own children now. Even so, I wanted to share with you some of the reasons and even benefits of why homeschooling might be for you

How sweet it is to trust in Jesus

Years ago, when I was much younger, 22 to be precise, I was involved in the restoration of a historic church building. It had been left derelict for years. To see it returned to its original glory as a place of worship was amazing. After the restoration was completed, I would visit the church on my way home from work. I loved the quietness and solace that God’s house provided.

10 Little Ways a Godly Wife Can Show Her Husband He’s Loved

It was the middle of the morning frenzy. You know, those crucial moments when you’re trying to pack the gym bag, collect the dress clothes, unearth the laptop, and still make it out the door on time. This particular morning things were less than smooth. We usually take turns having this kind of morning, and today it was my husband’s turn. So I asked him, “What can I

How to Change a Bad Habit

We have all wished we could simply rid ourselves of some challenging habit. Perhaps it has to do with troubling eating habits, procrastination pertaining to work or failing to follow through on important resolutions. Whatever your “stuck point” seems to be, breaking an entrenched habit is important.  Changing a habit is harder than we might think. Letting go of a long-term pattern of behavior can be difficult at

Husband in Pursuit: Into the Wild

Having a morning routine is like an anchor for my day. But all too often I’m content skipping what matters most: time with God. If I oversleep or grab my phone too quickly, I’ll lose track of time and get caught up with whatever tasks are on my plate for the day. I may read a verse somewhere online or say a half-hearted prayer, but it’s never as focused or

Why Didn’t God Heal Nabeel Qureshi?

I don’t know. I simply do not know the answer to this question, nor can I fathom what it might be. But I was heartbroken when I learned that Nabeel succumbed to cancer this weekend at age 34, leaving behind his wife and young daughter. My tears just kept coming after the news, even though I never had the opportunity to meet him personally. For those who haven’t followed his

Blogging A to Z : Key Terms You Should Know Part 2

Having trouble getting your mind wrapped around all the blogging jargon? Well with our back to blogging school series, we are here to clear up some of the confusion. Today we pick up from Blogging A to Z Part 1 to cover more essential blog vocabulary every blogger should know. No time to read the full article? Grab your free PDF here The Blogging F’s Favicon – a small icon you

Will a Happy Marriage Prevent an Affair?

Whenever one sees a marriage fall apart due to adultery, one of the first things one hears is, “And I thought they were so happy!” Often, we tend to assume that couples torn asunder by an affair must be secretly in felt turmoil for years. More importantly, we assume that those of us who are happily married are then protected from the same crisis. In a provocative new

5 Areas in Which Husbands Must Grow

Like most things in life, marriages are not static. It may feel like there are times when we settle into comfortable seasons, but marriages aren’t like McDonalds’ chicken nuggets. If we ignore them for a week, they will not look the same when we come back. Every marriage is growing stronger or weakening. There is no exception. Marriages grow because the husband and wife are growing. Our marriages

Presumed Consent for Organ Transplantation – What does the Bible say?

Geoffrey Robinson MP wants to bring in an opt-out system for organ donation in England. His Organ Donation (Deemed Consent) Bill is due its second reading (debate stage) on 23 February 2018. It seems he has a lot of support. Yet evidence for the claim that an opt-out system will increase transplants is still lacking and the Nuffield Council has advised this month that robust evidence is needed before any

Completing Your Mission

“The mission was helping people, the reality, however, felt more along the lines of self-punishment,” said the woman with a season of angst displayed on her face. She had set out to do what God placed in her heart and soul–help people, as many people as she could. Lea wanted to be the voice of those who could not find their own. Being a Christian woman, she wanted to stand

Why Commitment is Mandatory for Marriage

While there are many tools useful to sustaining your marriage, there is one tool you must have in your toolbox if you are going to be successful in your marriage: commitment. Of course, love, trust, compassion and grace are critical as well, but commitment is mandatory for a loving relationship.  Why do I place such importance on commitment?  The story of Jake and Lisa will illustrate the

What is “Your Best Us”?

Shares 271 A few years back, Selena and I were thinking about moving to Dallas for school. It’s a big decision so we decided to visit for a week. During our stay, a few things happened: God made it abundantly clear that we were NOT supposed to move there. We discovered how cold Dallas can get (temperatures in the mid-20s and gusts of wind over 30 mph) We experienced how brutal it

Blogging A to Z | Key Terms You Should Know

SAVE A COPY TO READ LATER – DOWNLOAD THE PDF >> CLICK HERE Back to school already? It’s official friends, school is in full swing. Do you remember learning your ABC’s? As a wee child, we had no idea just how essential those alphabets would be in our lives. That quirky little alphabet song and those seemingly unrelated letters helped us to form words and then to construct sentences. For

How to Trust God's Heart When He is Silent

When you can’t see God’s hand, trust His heart. This quote hangs on my wall as a constant reminder that God is always working, even when it seems He is completely silent. So often, I hear others complaining about God’s silence, wondering where He is and why He is not answering their prayers. I understand. I’ve been there…many, many times. I cried out to God as

3 Ground Rules for Experiencing Real Honesty with Your Spouse

Shares 785 Recently I walked out to our deck and began flailing my arms uncontrollably. I’m positive I looked like an idiot. Why, you ask? Two words: spider web. As I stepped outside I felt that familiar, sticky feeling all over my arms and face. The more I moved, the more I felt it. In about half a second I transformed from a calm, collected, adult man into full-on, no-dignity,

If Your Marriage is Filled with Loneliness, There is Hope in Those Ephesians 5 Verses

Perhaps as many as ninety percent of those who get divorced confess that one reason for the breakup of their marriage was the unbearable loneliness of living together but being far apart. The reason a person neglects his or her spouse or family, contributing to loneliness within a marriage, are numerous. We cannot chart these reasons; but a number of things happen as a result of this neglect, and

Dream Bigger than Your Biggest Dream

Like any other young woman, we all can get down on ourselves sometimes.  It’s easy in this world to see only your hardships and flaws, and even easier to believe you’re not great.  As women, we can’t let these negative feelings bring us down. Trust and believe that God has a bigger and better plan for you. You have the potential to be great! You have to be your own

When it Feels Like You Always Have to be Sorry for Something

Offering an apology for wounds you have committed can be tricky business. There are times when it may seem like nothing you say is good enough to receive forgiveness.  “I’m always saying ‘I’m sorry,’” one man said to me recently. “She just seems to hold onto grudges forever.”  “Offering an apology can be challenging,” I suggested. “Sometimes it has to do with the way you share an

Fellow Christians: We Have So Much More Than Same-Sex Marriage and Transgenderism to Discuss With a Secular World

This week, the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood released a document called the Nashville Statement, which aimed to define how sexuality should be viewed through a biblical lens. As you might expect, there has been a tremendous amount of back-and-forth between those who support it and those who don’t. My purpose in this post is not to debate the merits of the statement. It’s to talk about something said

How to Know if You Have Made an Idol Out of Happy Marriage

This month, my husband and I will celebrate five years of marriage. Our anniversary marks five years of laughter, five years of tears, five years of stupid (and not-so-stupid fights), and five years of making up.  I love my husband. I can’t imagine life without my husband. But I’ve never considered this question until coming across a Desiring God article by John Piper: Has Marriage Become My

“And So He Left”: One Family’s Struggle with Gender Dysphoria

My husband and I had been married for 15 years and had three children, and were actively involved in the ministry of our local church. We were just another one of those “keen Christian couples” that are the heart of church life. You can imagine my shock when my husband told me that he felt he needed to cross dress. It was a bolt out of the blue.