Struggling with alcohol? You can’t get over the addiction? We have this beautiful piece  by Jack Wellman an author with What Christians Want To Know. What can you, a believer, do to help someone struggling with alcohol? What’s the Christian’s approach in such cases? Unconditional Love When Jesus came to die for sinners, He didn’t wait until we “cleaned up” our lives. He saved us even while we were ungodly, wicked

why should christian pay tithe

Welcome to the I-Opener section of IvoryFile. On this week edition, I have decided to share this worthwhile  piece published to Facebook by my friend, Muhammad Thanni Ibn Issa. I met Thanni some 6 years ago and he has been a very wise person to be on the move with. Even though we didn’t have much to talk about over the years, I have been quietly following every dot on his

How to be Thankful in Tough Times

“Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.” Philippians 4:6 (NLT) 1. Don’t worry about anything. Worrying doesn’t change anything. It’s stewing without doing. There’s no such thing as born worriers; worry is a learned response. You learned it from your parents. You learned it from your peers. You learned it from experience. That’s good news. The

uche shades daddy freeze

As the social media war on tithing garner more attention, popular Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu has taken to social media to shade the heck out of OAP Daddy Freeze over his tithing controversy. The actor who shared a picture collage of himself alongside Apostle Suleiman and Daddy Freeze, disclosed that Nigerians will take Freeze more seriously if he fixes his marriage with his first wife and mother of his two

Tithe: Daddy Freeze Attacks Apostle Suleman

Nigerian OAP, Daddyfreeze has just replied Apostle Suleman, the founder of Omega Life Ministry after the pastor warned him to stop attacking Pastors over tithe issues and to equally steer clear. The controversial OAP  wrote:   Dear apostle Suleiman, the leader of the #FreeNation greets you and brings glad tidings. – It would have gladdened my heart profoundly, and done the body of Christ much eminence, if you had shed

"Don't Jump To Criticize Any Pastor " - Apostle Suleman Weighs in On Tithing

The ongoing war on Tithing is gaining heavy attentions than expected. New reports by source has it that the  President of the Omega Fire Ministries worldwide (OFM), Apostle Johnson Suleman, has veered into the controversy on tithe, anchored by media personality, Daddy Freeze.   Apostle Suleman backing Adeboye on his statement earlier on tithe warned OAP Freeze to stay off preaching and stick to his field, adding that tithe and

Come Back!

Years ago, a stray cat began to visit my parents’ house. After several back-door bowls of milk, they decided to adopt him and name him Theo. He enjoyed being petted and fed, but he often left for days and returned with bloodied ears, smelling like a trashcan. But my parents were always happy when he came home. Devotional by: Our Daily Journey Today’s Topic Source: Visit Our Daily Journey

Cities of Joy and Healing

I have a friend, a nurse, who recently went to Thessaloniki, Greece, to work in three refugee camps, primarily serving mothers and young babies who were far from home in the bitter cold. The overwhelming majority of the refugees are from Syria, where their villages and cities, once places of laughter and life, are now mostly rubble. In an email, my friend attached an image of one of the refugee

Prayer and Bullies

My husband and I were discussing an elderly person who was being bullied by a professing believer in Jesus in their Christian workplace—unaware that our 10-year-old daughter had overheard us talking. A few days later, however, when my daughter and I were walking around the track at the local fitness center, I told her that I often pray for people as I walk each lap because I find that to

The Prayer Jesus Gave

The movie Deepwater Horizon depicts the true events of a tragic oil rig explosion that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. The sudden underwater eruption killed eleven crewmembers and created a massive oil spill. Devotional by: Our Daily Journey Today’s Topic Source: Visit Our Daily Journey for daily inspiration Share this with friends on social media today ©USAGE ABUSE?, Please click on this “TAKE-DOWN“ button below to file any

Trusting the Shepherd

A rod and a staff—they feel like strange comforts. You think of a sheep in a dark valley with predators all around, and the push of a rod or a wrench of a staff are the only encouragements. They can be a comfort ultimately, but at the time they don’t feel like it.” A friend and I were discussing Psalm 23, highlighting an often overlooked part of it. How, I

Good Leader in a Good World

Over the past few years, we’ve experienced a great deal of political upheaval. While such turmoil isn’t new, many are wrestling with what kind of leaders to trust and how to hold our leaders accountable for governing in ways that are good for everyone—not merely for a select few who hold the purse strings or wield power. Devotional by: Our Daily Journey Today’s Topic Source: Visit Our Daily Journey

Let’s Pray Together

Few of us would think we’d done anything significant after attending a prayer meeting, much less that one day a monument would be built to commemorate what we did. College student Samuel Mills would surely have felt the same way. Devotional by: Our Daily Journey Today’s Topic Source: Visit Our Daily Journey for daily inspiration Share this with friends on social media today ©USAGE ABUSE?, Please click on this

Heaven Rules

The front page of the newspaper showed an overjoyed woman clapping her hands above her head. She wore not only a huge smile but also a T-shirt bearing the name of her favorite political candidate. Next to her photo was another picture of equal size. It showed a disappointed young man slumped over in defeat. Both were reacting to the results of a government election. People everywhere have different opinions

United in Worship

Getting a group of people to move in the same way and at the same time requires a lot of skill. But more than 31,000 dancers in China made it look easy. Guinness World Records says that 31,697 Chinese women set the record for mass plaza dancing in multiple locations. The participants danced for more than five minutes in six different cities. Devotional by: Our Daily Journey Today’s Topic Source:

Phubbing - A bad way to treat someone

When was the last time someone looked down at their smartphone while you were talking to them? You were “phubbed”—snubbed by someone who chose to turn their attention to their phone. Phubbing happens, but it isn’t a kind way to treat someone. God has called us to a much higher standard of love and respect for others: “Those who love God must also love their fellow believers” (1 John 4:21).

walking miracle by tim godfrey

Walking Miracle By Tim Godfrey While we all anticipate the release of singer Tim Godfrey’s Fearless Worship album, the international gospel singer has gifted us a new soul inspiring single Walking Miracle  off the album. Walking Miracle by Tim Godfrey is the 3rd and final single off the Fearless Worship album which drops very soon. Keep you days running with this soul inspiring single by Tim Godfrey. Download and share

More Than You Know

ROMANS 5:6 NKJ 6 . . . Christ died for the ungodly. Jesus Christ did not come to earth to help perfect people, but to help ungodly sinners. ROMANS 5:8 NKJ 8 But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Jesus already paid the price for the forgiveness of all sins through His death. EPHESIANS 1:7 NKJ 7 In

Green Shoots

For nearly a century, two towering ash trees have shaded our house and stood like sentinels watching over it. Within the last decade, however, one of the ashes suffered a mortal wound, and in the intervening years the rot and carpenter ants did their business. The arborist told us there was no saving the tree and we took it down. Since we wanted to plant another seedling (a weeping willow)

Love Meter - Measuring True Love

A “love calculator” can be found on the Internet. As strange as it may sound, all you’re instructed to do once you’re on the website is to key in your name and the name of the person you’re interested in, and the love meter calculates your “love percentage”—supposedly revealing your chances of a successful romantic relationship. I wonder how many have naïvely tried to find true love using this website!

bishop oyedepo aircraft escape

  ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE LANDING IN LAGOS POSING IMPOSSIBLE Sometime in 1997 on our way back from Kaduna into Lagos, landing in Lagos became a tug of war. The Captain made several attempts, but every attempt proved abortive under heavy thunderstorms. The aircraft will go up and come down, he made another attempt, it will go up and come down again. The plane eventually landed. Again, Jesus prevailed, granted

my dependency by kenny alex

My Dependency By Kenny Alex Gospel singer, Kenny Alex  releases new single My Dependency. The beautiful song minister recently released her long anticipated worship song, Oloore (My Benefactor). When you have nothing to rely on, here is a song to fall back on! In Kenny’s words, My Dependency is an anointed track which is a perfect blend of Psalm 91:2 and Acts 17:28 which expresses total trust in and reliance

olore by kenny alex

Download Oloore By Kenny Alex Kenny Alex of ‘Kenny Alex Music‘ is a graceful song minister with a heart of praise and genuine worship of God you should watch out for. The beautiful singer has finally released her popular worship single Oloore (My Benefactor)  for free download. According to Kenny Alex, It (Oloore) was the crack of dawn on my birthday, March 19th 2015 during my time of worship, reminiscing

david oyedepo plane crash averted

The good God of the Living Faith Church worldwide aka Winners’ Chapel International has proven himself yet again by delivering the apostle of the commission, Bishop David Oyedepo from what would have been a fatal plane crash. In appreciation of God’s goodness, the commission declares today a  Thanksgiving day. Today, the  churchl will be celebrating and appreciating God for averting disaster in the ministry. Details of the averted disaster and

Church allegedly charges for deliverance - Candid Opinion

I saw this on social media few days ago.  A church in Nigeria which charges N5000 for deliverance has seen one of the receipt they issued go viral on social media. The church identified as, The God’s Spirit Touch Church Int’l, AKA, Chosen Chapel, located in Calabar, Cross River State as can be seen on the receipt has reportedly been charging people in search of healing and deliverance.. While many

More Than You Know

“No matter how knowledgeable we are, there are questions with answers beyond our comprehension”. Today’s devotional explains it all. What makes grass grow thick and green? Would you believe that part of the answer is lightning? The main ingredient in most fertilizers is nitrogen, and the air is full of it. But grass can’t access the nitrogen in the air until lightning moves through it. Lightning heats the air and

It’s a Sin to Pay Tithe

A popular Nigerian Pastor, founder and Senior Pastor of Covenant Singles and Married Ministries, Chris Ojigbani in a recent  press statement express his opinion on the hot topic  “Should A Christian Pay Tithe ?”  According to him,paying tithe is a sin and such acts attract curses.  Read his full statement below. For hundreds of years, Christians incur the wrath of God by paying and receiving tithe. Though the doctrine of

Evidence of Kindness - Do you any proof?

Several children and their parents filed into a room in which a neo-natal nurse sat. The kids were carrying pictures of themselves as premature infants—years ago, they had been cared for by the nurse. Before the group surprised her, she had watched a video in which the parents expressed how thankful they were for her role in saving their children’s lives. After the reunion, the nurse remarked, “I love what

How to overcome addiction to Pornography

 PUT AN END TO AN ADDICTION TO PORNOGRAPHY. Brittni De La Mora  a former porn-star shares a first-hand experience on how to end addiction to pornography. Read below This is such a taboo addiction simply because it is glorified in the world and not spoken about enough in the Church. Whether you’re a male or female, if you are addicted to porn, you are not alone. The Adult Industry is